Why Millionero Perpetual Max is a Golden Opportunity

Why Millionero Perpetual Max is a Golden Opportunity

Even if you are new to the crypto space, there’s a possibility you may have heard of perpetual futures trading. With this particular trading instrument, you can speculate on the price of crypto at a certain point in time in the future, and you can even acquire a position higher than your initial deposit would allow you through a bit of borrowing on your chosen exchange platform. This is known as leverage — the power to amplify your position. Be warned; it carries some risks too.

Millionero is an excellent beginner-friendly platform with easy UI and simple-to-understand spot and perpetual crypto trading markets, that too with a varied range of trading pairs (such as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BNB/USDT, and more). Millionero also has a lucrative feature called the Millionero Perpetual Max, which relates to the aforementioned concept of leverage.

Let’s find out how you can utilize leverage and why Millionero Perpetual Max presents a golden opportunity for you, shall we?

What is Crypto Perpetuals Trading?

To understand crypto perpetuals, you need to understand crypto futures first. Crypto futures allow you to postpone payment and the settlement of a contract until a specific future day and time. At the time of expiry of the futures contract, you need to buy/sell the amount of underlying asset promised at the predetermined price.

Now, let’s come to the concept of crypto perpetuals. These are essentially crypto futures contracts, except for the ‘perpetual’ part: which means these contracts have no prefixed date of expiry.


What are the many features of crypto perpetuals on exchanges like Millionero? Let’s see for ourselves:

  • You can own a crypto perpetual futures indefinitely and have exposure to one or multiple cryptos for as long as you want.
  • To create a position in a certain crypto perpetuals market, you don’t need to own cryptocurrencies yourself to begin with. 
  • You can profit in any market condition, regardless of whether the market is going up or down, as long as your forecasts are in the right direction.
  • Crypto perpetuals allow you to trade with high levels of leverage. 

Long story short: crypto perpetuals present a powerful instrument for a newcomer to the crypto trading space, especially if you don’t want to hold actual cryptocurrencies at the beginning and would instead like to focus on speculation.

What is Leverage in Crypto Perpetuals Trading?

Leverage in crypto perpetuals trading is an instrument that lets you increase your exposure to a particular crypto market by letting you borrow some funds from the exchange platform for a trade.

What to keep in mind when using leverage in crypto perpetuals trading? Here are the most important factors at a glance:

  • Leverage is borrowed capitals that magnify the amount you’d initially deposit in a crypto perpetuals trade position. 
  • Just like a loan, before you can borrow funds as leverage, you need to deposit some funds into your crypto trading account on an exchange. This initial capital deposited is known as a collateral. 
  • Leverage magnifies your buying or selling abilities, so you can basically participate in bigger trades than your collateral would allow you.
  • Just as leveraged crypto perpetuals trading can help you increase potential gains, on the flip side it also subjects your position to high risk, as volatility is rampant in the crypto markets. So leverage can also lead you to significant losses in case the market moves largely against your position.

What is Millionero Perpetual Max?

So now that we understand the concept of leverage in crypto perpetuals trading, let’s move on to learning about Millionero Perpetual Max.

On Millionero, you can trade in the crypto perpetuals market with as much as 100x leverage, which means your position can be worth 100x of what you initially deposit. This feature is called Millionero Perpetual Max. 

Further benefits of  Millionero Perpetual Max include:

  • You can use up to 100x leverage and speculate for profits in both bull and bear markets, as mentioned above.
  • You can deposit any crypto as collateral for leverage; this is a feature that sets Millionero apart from its contemporaries, and increases flexibility for users.
  • What’s even better, Millionero reserves only 1% of your trading value for your position in the crypto perpetual futures market.
  • You can choose something called the ‘reverse hedge’ feature on Millionero, which would auto reverse your position in case of a huge incoming loss and open a new position with the same quantity, even if there are not enough funds to back it up. This way, Millionero keeps your positions from being liquidated temporarily until you can come back and fix your positions in light of the new shifts in the market.

Setting aside the benefits of Millionero Perpetual Max, what we had mentioned before about risks associated with leveraged crypto perpetuals trading might be bothering you quite a bit. Fear not, though! Millionero also has a built in feature where your leverage in a crypto perpetuals trade is automatically set at 3x- which makes for a relatively  low-risk trade for beginners testing out perpetuals. 

Therefore, trading crypto perpetual futures on Millionero is ideal for beginners; and once you have gathered enough experience, you have the option to confidently use higher leverages in your crypto perpetuals trades. And if you are a seasoned trader already, it’s high time you made use of Millionero Perpetual Max for its flexibility in maximizing your collateral and creating multiple positions. 

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