Why Meta Penguin Island Is Much Different Than Your Average NFT Drop

Why Meta Penguin Island Is Much Different Than Your Average NFT Drop

Meta Penguin Island, a community-driven NFT project built around a passionate interactive community has announced that it has scheduled the minting of its NFTs to commence on the 13th of February, 2022.

The NFT space is extremely a world of creativity that helps talented individuals monetize their unique artworks. Innovative startups with amazing features and designs are also storming the industry while existing projects are also deploying further infrastructures to improve their efficiency.

Among the amazing platforms that are currently outshining the industry is Meta Penguin Island as the platform features a growing and engaging community while giving its NFT holders the opportunity to access several high-quality penguin merch items, plushies, and clothing.

According to the announcement, the launch will see holders of the NFTs receiving a digital 3D model of its penguin. This 3D model can be used to enter many existing NFT metaverses or be 3D printed. More so, holders will enjoy full intellectual property rights to their penguins.

Meta Penguin Island Features a collection of 8888 unique 3D-animated penguins

The project features high-quality and unique animations designed by two of Europe’s prominent digital artists, Thomas Loopstra, the talented animation veteran, and Maurice Baltissen, the popular 3D specialist.


Meta Penguin Island is a collection of 8888 unique 3D-animated penguins. Being characterized by their rarity, the NFTs are generated in 4K resolution with hundreds of detailed elements.

Meta Penguin Island is considered a top-rated and unique NFT project as it is created by lead artists Thomas and Maurice who have made remarkable records in designing various brands around the world including Nike, Redbull, Samsung, Adidas, Microsoft, Coca Cola, M&Ms, Mercedes, Porsche, and more.

More so, the project features mind-blowing trailers which allow users to preview how the penguins will look in their full-body, rendered and playfully animated while making holders of the Penguins experience democratized voting rights as it adopts the DAO model for its governance protocol.