Why Gaming Launchpads Will Be The Next Big Thing

Why Gaming Launchpads Will Be The Next Big Thing

The blockchain gaming space is as vibrant as it has ever been. Thanks to the growth of projects and their ability to jump on trends like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse, the world is finally seeing that blockchain games are more than just a fad.

At the same time, projects are being developed that can help players actually earn money from the games they play. This is highly important as the gaming landscape is being driven by economic incentives – not just the fun of playing games alone.

With the gaming market continuing to grow, it is worth noting that several trends have also become prominent in this ecosystem. We have GameFi tokens, which are essentially cryptocurrencies launched by these platforms that can help them to reach more members. There are also in-app marketplaces, which power most gaming economies by providing a forum for in-game assets to be traded.

However, gaming launchpads appear poised to be the next big thing. Gaming launchpads provide a forum for developers and players to get their perfect launch into the gaming industry, and their operation will be critical in ensuring that we see the next wave of innovation in this space.

Understanding Gaming Launchpads

A gaming launchpad is essentially a forum that allows people to easily get started with the GameFi space. We have gaming launchpads all over the traditional gaming space, where developers and players come under a single umbrella to grow their skills.


Gaming launchpads can be developer-facing or player-facing. Developer-facing gaming launchpads offer game developers access to tools and resources that they need to bring their visions for specific games to life. So, when you have a gaming concept, you can reach out to these launchpads and get funding – as well as connections and other resources that can help you grow easily and get a leg up as you work towards building your game.

Player-facing launchpads focus on helping prospective players easily enter into gaming ecosystems. Games need players if they are to survive, and some of these players might need some training to learn the ropes and become better at what they do. Player-facing launchpads ensure that you have access to all of this as you set up.

In the GameFi space, launchpads are everywhere. For instance, prospective developers and studios can build on platforms like Attarius Network, which offers resources and even a full-fledged marketplace for you to begin getting traction.

The Unique Selling Point For Launchpads

So, you might want to ask – why do launchpads exist, and what benefits do they serve? While they are highly diverse, launchpads have some benefits in common. Some of them include:

The opportunity to meet like minds

One of the biggest benefits of a gaming launchpad for developers is the fact that they offer an opportunity for you to meet other developers working on impressive stuff. This way, you enjoy economies of scale as you get your operation off the ground.

The developer community is known to be very tight-knit, and developers easily form bonds with each other when they meet. In a community of developers, you have more freedom to build and get feedback from other like-minded people. This offers an opportunity for you to build faster and get a product to market sooner.

Some developers could also choose to back your project and help you to design more innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing games at this time. Everything seems to be better when you can find other people who share a similar passion, and gaming launchpads provide that opportunity.

A better place to start than being alone

Generally, gaming launchpads provide a way to fast-track the development of your platform. You can speak to your mentors about issues you have and let them guide you, and you can get resources from them that will help you to optimize your development – in terms of speed and functionality.

It is also worth noting that developing a GameFi platform will take more than just coding or programming skills. You need to be able to navigate the economics of your token, work around building an ecosystem of people who will want to play your game, and even understand how best to sell the game to pole. All of these issues are more complex than just coding, and you will need a launchpad to help you navigate them.

The same thing applies to developers in the traditional tech space. Most believe that they can solve any issues if they can build a product, but a successful tech platform thrives on more than just the technical skills of its developers. A launchpad ensures that you have all it takes to launch successfully, and you’ll find that working with one will be much better than going at it alone.

Are There Risks To Gaming Launchpads?

For now, the only risks you need to worry about are financial and ownership incentives.

In the traditional tech space, most accelerators offer funding and resources for you to succeed when they know you have potential in your product. But, they tend to take portions of the business in return. The same thing tends to happen with gaming launchpads.

If you’ve brought a product with the potential to a launchpad, they’ll offer to fund you and give you the resources you need. But, you also need to cut them a piece of your company – or offer your tokens in return for their help. This is normal. As long as you can view the terms of your deal and weigh them against others, you should be more than fine.