Who Wins? Ripple and XRP or the “Bank Approved” Stablecoins?

JP Morgan Coin: Is It Here To Compete With XRP?

Some in the cryptocurrency space have wondered if the appearance of the new big bank issued stablecoins will make cryptocurrencies disappear. Ripple has the ambition to create a new worldwide payment system.

But detractors wonder if the prevalence of stablecoins will solve the same problem XRP is meant to solve. A popular Twitter cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast known as The Crypto Dog asked what does Ripple’s XRP have over a coin like JPM, the crypto project of JP Morgan.

He went on to ask if Ripple’s future could be in danger.

Imperator Emhyr, a Twitter user who says Ripple is his main focus responded.


Ripple’s use as a bridge asset from cryptocurrency to the traditional financial sector is what could make XRP a useful tool and valuable asset to hold. One of the most important features of Ripple’s XRP is the speed in which transactions are confirmed and settled. The speed makes volatility a non-issue according to Ripple.

Asheesh Birla, a top innovator at Ripple recently participated in a live-streamed chat with Ripple’s Senior Director of Product, Ginger Baker. During the session, Birla broke down Ripple’s recent expansion and spoke about why Ripple can overcome some of the biggest problems in the immature cryptocurrency market. Birla, the Senior Vice President of Product explained Ripple’s powers perfectly.

“XRP has an advantage in that it was built specifically for payments and so it settles in a matter of seconds. So volatility…not an issue when using XRP for cross-border payments [as] the cost of sending with XRP is just a fraction of a few pennies.”

Ripple has its share of critics, but if they can complete their mission, XRP will be a valuable financial tool. They’ve laid down the groundwork, and now they need to actually implement the plans.