What You Didn’t Know About the Big Eyes Coin Ecosystem, Solchicks, and Cardano

Be a Part of Creative Cryptocurrency Projects: Big Eyes Coin, Near Protocol, and Ethereum

Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) mascot is a cat of the world who started his adventure after a tragic accident. However, his experience also led to an accident where he was thrown overboard from a ship. Big Eyes found himself all alone again.

Despite the odds, he came up with a plan. Big Eyes decided to put his natural cuteness into resourceful use. This plan involves bringing together a community of like minds who love cats and are willing to help save fish in the oceans.

The Big Eyes ecosystem comprises a meme coin and non-fungible tokens that a community of like minds will own and control. Further, a portion of the wealth generated via this meme coin will go into charity efforts to help save marine life.

Before going deeper into the Big Eyes Ecosystem, consider some fascinating facts about cats:

  • Cats are active: they do what is expected of them, which is what you can expect from the Big Eyes Coin.
  • Cats are playful: the Big Eyes community will be interactive, entertaining, and engaging.
  • Cats are friendly: the Big Eyes team will be openly honest about its plans and activities. As a result, community members will be able to trust Big Eyes.

Big Eyes Coin has a total supply of 200 billion. 90% of Big Eyes tokens will be available for community members during Big Eyes’ launch. Also, charities will receive 2 billion Big Eyes tokens to fund projects and campaigns.


Big Eyes Roadmap:

Big Eyes will prioritize security by auditing its platform’s code three times before and during its launch. Consider more upcoming developments in Big Eyes’ roadmap:

  • Media stunt
  • Token launch on Uniswap
  • Donation to charity.
  • Launch of an NFT collection
  • Big Eyes swap and token bridge

Big Eyes Coin vs SolChicks

Solchick is a player vs player game running on the Solana blockchain. It uses the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model to incentivize players and keep its ecosystem up and running.

SolChick NFTs

They are unique non-fungible tokens designed by talented artists. There are only 10,000 of them existing on the Solana blockchain. Nevertheless, each SolChick is unique and rare.


$CHICKS is a reward token for the SolChicks game. Players will also retain governance and voting rights by holding the earned tokens.


$SHARDS is the reward token for Dungeon Escape, a P2E game created by SolChicks developers. While the full launch of the SolChicks RPG game is underway, the SolChicks community can earn rewards on Dungeon Escape.

Big Eyes Coin vs Cardano

Cardano is all about real-world use cases. Developers of Cardano want to use blockchain technology to impact the everyday lives of humans through IOHK initiatives.

A decentralized protocol like Atala Prism running on Cardano allows schools to issue certificates on the blockchain. Such certification is openly available, and anyone can verify its authenticity. Likewise, Atala Scan helps to solve product counterfeiting in the supply chain industry.

Apart from IOHK, Cardano’s decentralized applications are also one of a kind. For instance, an NFT lending and borrowing platform, Aada Finance, runs on Cardano.

This project allows people to lend and borrow digital assets using NFTs as liquidity. Recently, Aada Finance announced a $25,000 Bug Bounty for its source code.

Additionally, Cardano provides a suitable ground for a project like Big Eyes and its coin, BIG, to thrive.

How to Buy Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

The first stage of Big Eyes has officially ended. What is next? Presale stage two! You can easily buy Big Eyes in your crypto wallet in this round.

  • Visit Big Eyes’ dApp from the browser of your wallet (preferably Metamask or Trust Wallet).
  • Select “Buy Now.”
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Enter the number of BIG tokens you want or the equivalent value in dollars.
  • Finalize your purchase by confirming the transaction in your wallet.

You can buy BIG tokens using ETH, BNB, or USDT. In the previous presale round, Big Eyes raised $3.2 million.

The Big Eyes team is currently working to develop this meme coin ecosystem. You can also participate by investing early in the ongoing presale and join; thereby, you can join a course to help save the fish of the oceans.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/ 

Website: https://bigeyes.space/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL