What to Do With Your BTC After The Massive Gains of 2020

What to Do With Your BTC After The Massive Gains of 2020

Bitcoin has been steadily rising for a large portion of 2020 and now that the year is coming to an end many investors in the cryptocurrency markets may be wondering what to do with the Bitcoin they are holding or HODLing!

Diversify Your Tokenized Investments 

If you’re one of the BTC HODLers out there who see investing as a way of life there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. Although most trading platforms only offer investors the ability to make investing decisions using fiat currencies, thankfully there are some trading platforms that allow you to trade and invest using BTC as your base currency. 

Currency.com is one of the most well established of these platforms and even allows users to invest in tokenized securities such as Apple (APPL) or Tesla (TSLA) stock. 

What this really means to an investor is you can have a form of double exposure. Always being exposed to BTC as it is your base currency and then using that BTC to make investing decisions to diversify your portfolio. There are other advantages of using your BTC to invest with, for example, if we use Currency.com as the test case we can see that we can in some cases you can get up to 1:500 leverage. This means for every 1BTC you can potentially invest up to 500BTC by borrowing the difference, which can pay off big if done correctly. So if you have already made a lot from investing in BTC why not keep the trend going and use some of it to buy some stocks or bonds. 

Get Your Suit Pajamas On For The Online Casino. 

Some people say that the most fun you can have with your pants on is Gambling at a casino. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 restrictions not many casinos are open anymore but that does mean you can go to the online casino and try your hand (literally) at doubling those BTC gains. Here you can have all that fun that they said you could have with your pants on but from the comfort of your home, so it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or not wearing!


There are a lot of BTC casinos out there but the first in the world was Fortunejack

The real benefit of using Fortunejack over some of its competitors is the scope of games on offer, along with the added cool factor of playing at the first BTC casino ever developed. On Fortunejack in particular, you have the option of live casino games such as blackjack at a live table, as opposed to some of the other sites that only offer dice games and digital roulette. 

So why not try your luck, you could be one of the ones that turn a modest BTC investment into a Lambrogini lifestyle, if you play the game right! It only takes one Rainman to beat the casino. 

Shopping, Shopping, SHOPPING!

Some of you out there may want to spend your gains on some hard earned experiences or some toys for big boys and girls. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing gift cards. Many online shopping portals don’t accept bitcoin YET, but there is a work around. To shop on Amazon with your BTC you can use companies like Bitrefill and purchase a gift card that can then be used to purchase items from the online retailer. The great advantage of all this is it is the start of a revolution towards using BTC and other cryptocurrencies in everyday life. 

So far there are over 300 different shops that you can purchase gift cards for. These shops include everything from Tesco, for everyday household food purchases, to Swarovski, if you want something a little more elegant than a bagel. Perhaps the best way to see even more gains in the value of BTC in the future is if it becomes an everyday used currency, and you’ll be leading the way in this charge if you start only using BTC for all your shopping needs.  

Keeping an Eye Out

Already as 2020 nears an end there are plenty of different ways to use the BTC you have accumulated. As time goes on it is becoming more and more of a certainty that BTC will one day be used in all major outlets as a means of transacting value. If you’re reading this you are probably already ahead of the curve as you’re now on the forefront of using your Bitcoin as a means of gaining value in another way, shape or form. 

Always remember that if you are investing in BTC you are also investing in the surrounding ecosystem that supports the crypto economy so it’s probably wise to get out there and use your BTC the way it was intended to be used, on lambos and mansions!