What Is Happening With XRP? ETH Leaving It For The Wind

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For the last couple of months, there has been a raging battle between XRP and ETH. XRP and ETH have been battling for the second spot in the cryptocurrency market and title as the largest altcoin in the world by market cap.

However, despite this battle being close towards the end of 2018 and earlier in the year, the last couple of weeks have seen ETH leave XRP for the wind. Since ETH overtook XRP earlier in the year, the coin has maintained this position and continued to grow its margin. Now, the two coins have a more than $1.5 billion margin. It now very likely that ETH will be holding the number two spot for a long time to come.

In recent weeks, ETH has been exploding in its rally while XRP has remained stuck in a tight price range. Could this be signaling trouble for XRP? Part of the reason XRP is lagging is due to its low volatility. While most altcoins are dramatically surging and dropping, XRP has remained significantly stable which has both worked in its favor during market drops and against it during market rallies.

Can XRP Get Back Above ETH?

In the coming weeks, a huge move would come in the form of XRP breaking the $0.35 resistance level. This is however if XRP can rally above $0.34 and show significant volume from the bulls. This will ensure the altcoin gets above $0.35 and continues its upward trend and establishes a high support position for the long term.

ETH, on the other hand, is not expected to be taking this sitting down. In recent weeks, the coin has rallied as high as $140 and despite the Bulls failing to hit $150 which is a key resistance position, the bulls remain optimistic.


A continuous rally between the two is expected to see the current market margin remain and could actually see ETH extend the lead, given its volatility could see it make a bolder upwards move. Although XRP can still make a comeback and get one over ETH, the last couple of weeks have made it that it will have to work twice as hard to reach ETH and get above it

At the time of press, ETH is exchanging for $134 while XRP is exchanging for about $0.30. Both coins are recording marginal losses of less than 2% from the past 24 hours.