What do crypto whales do to maximize their wealth even in times of volatility?

What do crypto whales do to maximize their wealth even in times of volatility?

Individuals who hold a significant amount of cryptocurrency are often referred to as crypto whales. As these users have more liquidity to spread around, they are more eager to tap into low-risk yield farming. However, those options are available to anyone with any level of crypto holdings.

Crypto Whales Seek New Opportunities

There is much more to the cryptocurrency industry than buying Bitcoin and Ethereum and hoping for prices to go up. Crypto whales acknowledge this better than anyone, and they actively diversify their portfolio to maximize their liquidity’s potential. Whether it is venturing into NFTs, staking assets, lending, borrowing, stablecoins, or other ventures, a diversified approach is essential in this industry. 

A recent analysis of the ten biggest wallets on DeBank highlights how crypto whales tackle these opportunities. While non-fungible tokens are found in virtually every portfolio these days, there is a growing interest in low-risk yield-generating opportunities. The crucial benefit to this latter approach is how it doesn’t require users to diversify their assets into more obscure market offerings. 

When even crypto whales show a growing interest in low-risk opportunities, everyone else will notice this approach. Many people may think such options only exist for those with big holdings, but that is not necessarily the case. Anyone with crypto holdings – or even with – can access the same low-risk passive revenue-generating opportunities as any crypto whale. More importantly, they can do so through a convenient user interface spanning multiple money-making options.  

Crypto whales show an outspoken appreciation for borrowing stablecoins, farming through liquidity mining, and staking. These are all crucial aspects of the cryptocurrency industry and cater to either newcomer to the industry or users who have more experience. In addition, the low-risk nature of these opportunities makes them a more favorable option than investing or trading. 


You Can Access These Solutions Too

When wallets holding between 7-9 figures in value engage in staking, borrowing stablecoins, or liquidity mining, one can rest assured these options provide decent returns. Moreover, they are far more accessible than most people may think. Opportunities such as staking and liquidity mining do not require any specific knowledge. Nor do they require buying new and high-risk assets, as you can access them through Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, or other established crypto assets. 

Novice-friendly DeFi platforms like CakeDefi and Hodlnaut have made it significantly easier to put one’s money to work. They guide users through all the steps, including the buying of supported crypto assets and introducing various passive revenue-generating options. On top of staking products, CakeDeFi has liquidity mining, lending, borrowing, and Freezer functionality. That latter option lets users earn up to 2x the staking rewards by locking up funds for longer periods. Hodlnaut focuses on loans and yield interest.

The approach by CakeDeFi has attracted hundreds of thousands of users globally. The team aims to reach 1 million registered users in 2021 and represents over $1 billion in assets under management. Moreover, CakeDeFi paid out over $230 million in rewards to users last year. Furthermore, the platform offers up to 72.9% APR on select assets, making for a rather appealing option.