WeSleep Introduces its ‘Sleepies’ NFTs With Its Sleep-To-Earn Concept

WeSleep Introduces its 'Sleepies' NFTs With Its Sleep-To-Earn Concept

WeSleep, a Web3 app with inbuilt Game-Fi elements, is elated to announce its official launch, promising daily rewards for users who pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

WeSleep is a sleep-to-earn platform allowing users to keep a healthy lifestyle and earn rewards. The platform has clever tokenomics that rewards users daily for their sleep time and active, healthy lifestyles.

WeSleep features Sleepies, a unique collection of NFTs that carry a different set of attributes that enable users to get rewarded for their sleep time. Each Sleepie has different attributes such as ‘Luck-chance of getting a mystery box after sleep’. Users will earn $ZZZ tokens passively while sleeping that can be swapped to $BUD using the in-app swap system. Users can use their earnings to level up their NFTs or profiles. A Sleeper (NFT owner) who is unwilling to use their NFT can list their assets for sale on the internal NFT marketplace.

Users will be rewarded for additional daily activities such as walking 5000 steps, running one kilometre and having a 30 min workout session. Users can also get additional rewards for regular sleeping schedules throughout the week. 

Commenting on the project, Vaibhav, Co-Founder of WeSleep: 


“Sleep plays a crucial role in an individual’s overall health and well-being. A lack of it can cause countless health problems. What we’re doing with WeSleep is encouraging people to track their sleep habits and earn rewards for getting enough rest.”

In addition, to physical fitness, the WeSleep project also wants to help improve its user’s mental health. For this reason, WeSleep will send users daily tasks and mystery box surprises, bringing an entertaining game-like experience.

Mystery boxes are NFTs, including sleeping pills, $WEZ or $ZZZ. Notably, sleeping pills are another NFT in the WeSleep ecosystem. These NFTs are activated to temporarily or permanently boost a Sleepie allowing the owner to efficiently monetize their assets while taking advantage of the dual token system.

Povilas Motiejunas, Co-Founder of WeSleep, explains:

“We have a lot of people on board to bring this project to fruition, a full development team including applications, smart contracts, backend and frontend, a TOP 7 NFT artist (Voted on Inspect), co-founders who successfully launched previous crypto projects as well as experienced advisors who are guiding WeSleep into the right direction. We’ve collaborated to bring something innovative and exciting to the forefront, ultimately providing people with a way to collect and earn rewards from something as simple as getting enough rest at night and following a healthy lifestyle. It’s a fun, distinctive opportunity that anyone can get involved in and experience firsthand.”

Currently, WeSleep is holding its Private Sale program allowing early bird investors to get their share of the project. These investors will get allotted governance tokens in the form of $WEZ.