Web3 Social Network Solcial Officially Launches on Solana Mainnet

Web3 Social Network Solcial Officially Launches on Solana Mainnet

Blockchain social network, Solcial is pleased to announce the official release of its protocol on the Solana mainnet. This will see the blockchain space embracing a unique initiative that offers users an avenue to share content while earning rewards in return.

Solcial is a web3 social incentive platform that is built on the Solana blockchain. The platform is on a mission to help blockchain users increase their worth while they create and share content. Following the mainnet launch, the project appears to be making a groundbreaking entry into the industry as it already records more than 1200 users. Nonetheless, the platform is moving to expand its reach further as it revealed it’s currently launching its iOS and Android apps.

Being a promising platform that provides an outstanding reward system, Solcial is betting big on creators and Web3 enthusiasts that want to explore new possibilities and new income streams.

Per the announcement, Solcial revealed it is set to provide content creators with a decentralized and censorship-resistant platform where they can confidently monetize their content without interruptions. The protocol will leverage support from the Solana network to provide users with a quick, convenient, and low-fee experience, outstanding other networks of its kind.

Solcial Rolls Out Reward System for Creators and Fans

According to the announcement, Solcial adopts an invest-to-subscribe model that allows content creators to mint and sell their tokens as a way to monetize their talents. Also, these creators can choose to hide content behind a paywall if they desire to make it accessible to only holders of the specified amount of tokens.

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In a bid to build a more interesting and rewarding Web3 generation, the platform offers exclusive social utilities as it also allows every user to mint and display NFTs directly on the platform. Solcial’s Communications Lead, Parker Hoeppner, commented on the inspiration behind the birth of the platform, saying;

“We felt the Web3 crypto generation needed a platform that wasn’t just building with a few crypto features but was solely crypto-focused. By looking towards new ways we can be decentralized and censorship-resistant we are confident creators will feel comfortable that their revenue streams won’t be interrupted by sudden bans or demonetization tactics that Web2 platform have implemented.” 

Notably, apart from content creators, fans also have the opportunity to make streams of income on the platform after staking provided content, all thanks to the Solcial incentive structure. Parker Hoeppner elaborated on this by saying;

“We didn’t want to just build a social network where the creators got paid, we want to even give their fans a way to earn. Completely shifting the incentive structure from keeping their attention to finding new ways to provide value.”