Web3 Education Community Encode Club Announces Tezos Partnership and Initiatives

Web3 Education Community Encode Club Announces Tezos Partnership and Initiatives

The Encode Club today announced the launch of a new strategic and educational initiative on the Tezos blockchain. It has collaborated over the past 8 months with Tezos to offer educational programs that introduce people around the world to Tezos and help them start their Web3 journey.

Encode club is a platform on a mission to help ambitious, talented people achieve their personal and professional goals together in web3 through organizing high-quality programs such as hackathons, coding boot camps, educational workshops, and accelerators in partnership with the leading blockchain protocols.

Tezos, a pioneer of Proof of Stake blockchains such that leading brands, developers, and creators are choosing it for its efficient design that prioritizes low gas fees, speed, and energy efficiency. Being a self-upgradable and energy-efficient blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today.

The Encode Club commences with a two-month educational series of eight learning sessions. These sessions will include developers learning about blockchain through the lens of Tezos, running from January to March 2022.

The courses that will be taught at the program include:

  • Intro to Blockchain — 27th January 2022
  • Intro to Tezos – 3rd February
  • Technical Overview of Tezos – 10th February 
  • Tezos Ecosystem and Community – 17th February 
  • Smart Contract Development for dApps on Tezos – 24th February 
  • UX Practices for dApps on Tezos – 3rd March
  • Front-End Development for dApps on Tezos – 10th March 
  • Building a dApp on Tezos – 17th March 2022

Encode Club will then embark on another eight-week online hackathon which will begin in March 2022. This online hackathon is dedicated to building on Tezos. Upon its completion, a ten-week accelerator program seeks to assist projects in the Tezos ecosystem to become full-fledged startups through weekly sessions, mentorship, and support will commence also.

This educational series is full of interesting sessions and is open to all users globally who are interested in this ecosystem.