Watch Skins – Wearable NFTs and the “Phygital” Revolution

Watch Skins - Wearable NFTs and the “Phygital” Revolution

People have a strong affinity for collectibles because they give them a sense of identity, personality, independence, and luxury. Thanks to technology, the world is witnessing a new form of showpieces known as digital collectibles. These products exist in cyberspace, and many individuals embrace them because of their beauty, utility, and many other values.  A significant challenge that these collectors have encountered is how to show their collections to the world, but Watch Skins is changing all of that. 

The Watch Skins NFT marketplace brings digital collectibles to the face of a smartwatch, connecting the real world to the virtual world. This unique feature puts Watch Skins into an emerging class of “phygital’’ products which combine the physical and the digital, offering an experience of deeper immersion and interaction.

Watch Skins are phygital goods, which differentiates them from traditional collectibles.  By utilizing blockchain technology, Watch Skins has created the world’s first wearable NFT. When a collectible watch face is created, Watch Skins mints an ERC721 Non-Fungible Token. That token provides a validation mechanism for the face that ensures the unique design is authenticated on the blockchain, which helps brands to fight against counterfeit goods.

The Watch Skins Marketplace

The Watch Skins marketplace allows users to buy, sell, view, and enjoy their collections. The consumer application offers users:

  • Straightforward onboarding for Mobile and desktop users
  • The ability to choose an existing watch face or configure their own  
  • Curation of their collection and essential information for trading, such as purchase history, editions, and licensor
  • Notifications for any info linked to their products or the ones they are interested in
  • An option to search and browse retail brands and private auctions 
  • Access to markets where buyers can purchase fresh branded watch faces, as well as a secondary market for users to sell and exchange their collections
  • Built in wallet functions for handling all NFTs

How the Watch Face Configurator works

Within the Watch Skins platform, a configurator tool allows users to customize their watches, using built-in modification and customization modules. Depending on the edition, users can customize their fashions from multiple styles, colors, logos, and more. 


In the near future, Watch Skins will bring licensed fashion and entertainment brands to the marketplace offering an ever-expanding number of Watch Skins collections.