Vulcan Blockchain Rolls Out New Auto-rebasing Feature to Solve SEC Issues

Vulcan Blockchain Rolls Out New Auto-rebasing Feature to Solve SEC Issues

With concern about addressing the SEC’s proposal to ban cryptocurrency staking, Vulcan Blockchain readies for the debut of its innovative auto-rebasing layer 1 blockchain scheduled for Q2, 2023. It has been unveiled that the new blockchain aims to address problems related to market liquidity availability and stability on the supply side. Additionally, it seeks to tackle regulatory challenges that may pose a headache to crypto investors this year.

Vulcan’s Auto-rebasing Feature

Vulcan Blockchain has disclosed this following the announcement of the final stages of its Alpha Testnet. As such, Vulcan is set to fully launch into the crypto space while rolling out its new auto-rebasing features.

Per the announcement, Vulcan acknowledged that one of its innovative features is the auto-rebasing mechanism, which allows the blockchain to readjust its balance automatically by modifying the circulating supply of its native $VUL coin every 15 minutes. This mechanism is a significant advancement in maintaining the long-term stability of coin prices and offers valuable transparency.

The launch of this product will see Vulcan blockchain become the first network to feature a built-in auto-rebasing mechanism and an auto-compounding feature. With this feature, the platform aims to enhance the reliability and predictability of the entire network by establishing a set of clear rules and conditions for its operation. This way, investors will have a better grasp of the project’s economics and will be able to plan their asset management. This makes the project particularly appealing in blockchain’s volatile and unpredictable world.

The development team behind the Vulcan blockchain have expressed high hopes for the potential outcome of the debuted mechanism. The team noted that they are confident that the network will add value to the blockchain market and will prove to be attractive to investors.


Vulcan’s Auto-staking to Tackle SEC Issues

It is also interesting to note that Vulcan’s auto-rebasing feature comes in response to buzzing news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is looking to prohibit cryptocurrency staking.

To address this issue, Vulcan Blockchain has incorporated an auto-staking feature within the protocol framework, allowing investors to rely on the innovative technology to earn yields on staking while circumventing any potential bans.

The high yields of such cryptocurrency investments have piqued the SEC’s interest in staking. Nevertheless, the auto-staking feature offers a secure way to earn from staking, even in the face of potential regulations or sanctions. This makes it an excellent solution for investors looking to leverage the vast potential of passive earnings from cryptocurrencies and DeFi.