VRJAM And Polygon Collaborate To Launch ‘Planet Polygon’, a VR-based Arena In The Metaverse

VRJAM And Polygon Collaborate To Launch 'Planet Polygon', a VR-based Arena In The Metaverse

VRJAM, an award-winning live metaverse entertainment platform, recently announced its partnership with Polygon to create Planet Polygon, a metaverse-based virtual project created alongside VRJAM’s Open Beta platform launched on November 2, 2022.

The partnership harnesses Polygon’s expertise in blockchain solutions and VRJAM’s advanced knowledge of virtual world-building in the metaverse to create a state-of-the-art live event and esports arena for gaming fans to share memorable experiences. By design, Planet Polygon is an immersive live events space that allows Polygon’s creative team and VRJAM to work together. Through their conjoined efforts, the two seek to define the next step in the evolution of virtual live events and the esports space.

Commenting on the project, Sam Speaight, the CEO of VRJAM, explained:

“Polygon Planet will define a new threshold of user experience for metaverse live events and open up the world of Web3 gaming in a way that is totally unique in the metaverse vertical. We’re honored to be working with our friends at Polygon Studios to bring the remarkable solution to the world.” 

Notably, Planet Polygon is being launched in conjunction with VRJAM’s native cryptocurrency VRJAM Coin, which is set to launch on November 30, 2022. VRJAM Coin will be used to buy and sell products and services within Planet Polygon and other VRJAM destinations opening up new ways to monetize content and live events for creators and brands. Reportedly, retail trade increases on the VRJAM platform through selling digital items, merch, tickets, and other items allowing the volume of trade in VRJAM Coin to increase in value equally. 

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Brain Trunzo, Metaverse Lead for Polygon, added: 

“Polygon Planet is an ambitious VR-based metaverse project that we hope will inspire creators worldwide. Allowing real-time, immersive content and experiences will provide a new way for creators to engage directly with fans, delivering a fantastic user experience.”

VRJAM, dubbed the metaverse platform for creators, utilizes cutting-edge Web3 and immersive technologies to offer users next-gen solutions for virtual events and immersive content creation. PC-based, VRJAM is Meta Quest 2 compatible, offering life-like experiences for live events. The platform also provides a healthy environment for platform owners, creators, and brands to design interactive experiences and new digital products and NFTs.