Verlux: The Next Big Thing In NFT

Decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux Generates Major Buzz After Reaching 30% Of Seed Sale Within Hours!

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market was an innovation with the potential for growth a couple of years ago. Since its launch, it has grown rapidly as more cryptocurrency and technology lovers take advantage of the novel market to invest heavily in NFTs. 

Verlux has entered the NFT space to bring major changes into the market. The team promises a user-friendly interface, ease of use, and a positive user experience for its NFT Marketplace users upon launch. 

According to the team, “The Verlux NFT Marketplace will be a decentralized platform for NFT creators and enthusiasts to come together for the sole purpose of buying, selling and Minting of NFTs.”

The Verlux Marketplace is a Cardano-based project that offers a wide range of features such as sustainability, interoperability, and high scalability. High confirmation time and faster transaction rates are other benefits it promises its users. 

Verlux Marketplace Functionalities


Verlux is a multifunctional marketplace where users can enjoy the benefits of numerous functionalities that include: 

  • Mint Artworks

Creators using the marketplace can create their artworks and mint them on the Verlux Marketplace. They simply need to upload their artwork, fill out a form on the metadata, and enter their wallet addresses in the provided space to list their NFT. 

  • UI Design

Verlux prioritized user experience when creating its interface. The user-friendly interface offers users the best user experience that makes the marketplace stand out among others. Hence, buyers and sellers can simply click some buttons to complete their transactions without going through a strenuous process. 

  • Wallet Integration

Verlux offers a completely decentralized marketplace for users to trade their NFTs. To further support its decentralization, its dev team is working around the clock to connect APIs to the platform for Cardano web-based wallets such as Nami. The goal is to ensure users don’t have a difficult time connecting to the marketplace. 

Wallet integration opens the door to users to list or buy NFTs on the platform and smart contracts will guide such functionality. 

  • Auction/Fixed Selling

Verlux will also offer a flexible selling structure that allows users to either purchase NFTs at fixed prices or as auctions, allowing buyers to place bids on NFTs according to the worth of the NFTs. Thus, sellers can decide to sell their NFTs as they desire. 

Smart Contract Integration

The team is currently developing its smart contracts with product testing in progress. The Verlux dev team’s smart contracts are currently being tested on the Cardano testnets. The goal is to ensure that users get nothing but the best quality services from the company. 

Once the team is done with the testing, it will release a demo version to the community to test and highlight possible areas for improvement before it is finally deployed to the Mainmet and make it available for public use and audience participation.