Verlux Makes Public Its NFT Marketplace UI Demo And Ongoing VLX Token Public Sale

Verlux Makes Public Its NFT Marketplace UI Demo And Ongoing VLX Token Public Sale

Verlux, a decentralized cross-chain NFT marketplace based on Cardano is elated to reveal its NFT Marketplace UI Demo amid its $VLX token public sale.

As per the announcement, its NFT Marketplace UI Demo is now available on the Verlux website. Notably, the interactive UI Demo is a good representation of what is to be expected when the full function of NFT Marketplace is launched.  

Reportedly, the development team is currently working on connecting the SC to the UI. The team hopes to finish their work in time and make the marketplace available for a public testnet launch before proceeding to the mainnet. So far, the development team has managed to create the UI, the Verlux NFT Marketplace, and the Front-End development.

The Verlux team explains:

“Just before we proceed on the details of the UI Demo, we would love to thank the community for staying with us as we recognize that there have been some unprecedented delays in delivering according to the roadmap, we fully recognize that the original timing was a bit optimistic; variables not within the team’s control have resulted in extended timelines.”


In addition to the NFT Marketplace UI Demo reveal, Verlux is currently holding a public sale for its native token $VLX. $VLX was created to serve various utilities including powering transactions and eventually as a governance system for the Verlux ecosystem.

There are a total of 1 billion VLX tokens. $VLX holders will enjoy numerous benefits including earning VLX tokens or featured NFT drops after staking their VLX assets. Holders will also be able to create verified decentralized auction houses. Once the Auction house is completed, NFT creators can apply to launch their NFT drops. Note, that all auction houses on the Verlux NFT marketplace will be ranked according to the VLX tokens staked. They will also be made available on the platform’s homepage.

For the public sale, Verlux participants will be required to have ADA tokens. The minimum buy has been set at 2000 ADA while the maximum is 10,000 ADA.

Verlux seeks to create a platform where users will be able to seamlessly mint, sell, mint, and swap their NFTs using the low gas fees and security features provided by the Cardano Blockchain. The platform seeks to become the global marketplace where users unlock the full potential of the NFT market. Through its platform, Verlux hopes the interoperability of NFT will become fully functional through its NFT Marketplace, allowing full digitalization and trade of contents like music, art, ideas, and more.