Value Finance Launches, Aims At Redefining Blockchain-Based Businesses

Value Finance Launches, Aims At Redefining Blockchain-Based Businesses

Value Finance, a decentralized finance solution aimed at empowering blockchain-based enterprises, is thrilled to announce its start. Value Finance plans to provide a variety of services to assist startups and established businesses in expanding their operations and providing higher value to their customers.

The $VFT Token

Value Finance has its own native token, which is denoted by the notation “$VFT.” The entire Value Finance ecosystem is powered by this coin. The following are some examples of $VFT’s applications:

To cover the cost of a transaction or a trade.
To establish a charitable organization that will assist every vulnerable member of the community.
To be a part of the project’s governing structure.

Value Finance Products And Services


Stake & Lending at ValueFi

Value Finance will include a staking and lending platform where users can earn money by staking their digital assets (known as stake-proof tokens). The stake-proof token can then be used to engage in the lending platform.

Scan several chains using ValueFi

The cryptocurrency community and ValueFi holders will have simple access to inspect details of a coin/token regardless of the chain it’s being deployed on without having to leave the platform thanks to a multi-chain scan explorer that will be included in the platform.

To put it another way, ValueFi developers want to create an explorer that will be able to offer information for all Ethereum, BSC, MATIC, SOLANA, and other chains without the need for multiple explorers.

Merch Store at ValueFi

Value Finance will open a retail store where you can display your items and services for others in the community to purchase with $VFT. Token holders will be rewarded with a portion of the store’s revenue.


Projects will be able to use Value Finance to raise funding to grow their operations. To be a part of the ValueFiPad ecosystem, the interested projects must stake their $VFT tokens.

The Team

Luka Anthony is the team’s captain. Nurik Matyakubo, the project’s chief marketing officer and co-founder, is assisting Luka.

Civa Kumar, the project’s CTO, and Cryptochidi Samuel, the project’s B.D, are also on the team’s list.

What is Value Finance?

Value Finance is a blockchain-based application that aims to revolutionize decentralized finance. At its core, Value Finance enables new and current projects to participate in the blockchain ecosystem by providing the necessary assistance and infrastructure. Through consulting, Value Finance hopes to assist most projects in expanding their services.

Value Finance is active in the development of a multi-blockchain bridge, a multi-scan DApp, and a Value Merch Store. The multi-blockchain bridge will be used to transfer assets across chains, while the multi-chain scan DApp will be used to allow users to verify the details of a token regardless of which chain it is running on. The Value Merch Store will serve as a showcase for all of the products and services that are being introduced on the blockchain.