Uwerx (WERX) looks to present a way out for (LINK), (MATIC) holders

Uwerx (WERX) Presale Expected to Sell Out: Why WERX is Destined to Go Parabolic in 2023 and Beyond

Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon (MATIC) are popular coins in the crypto industry. Due to past successes, they have made a name for themselves and were once seen as very promising acquisitions. However, due to its fantastic growth potential and innovation it brings to the table, analysts believe the Uwerx presale offers more excellent opportunities for long-term profit.

Chainlink (LINK) is among the most famous oracle networks for globally linked smart contracts, allowing any blockchain to receive hard numbers and APIs. Smart contracts are fed information from real-world providers using Chainlink (LINK) coins.

With its latest incorporation of the NFT platform Polarys, Chainlink (LINK) has advanced in growing its acceptance. However, the Chainlink (LINK) price still suffers from the recent bear market as it sits at $8.13.

Polygon (MATIC) Up 2% Over The Past Day

Polygon (MATIC) aims to encourage the widespread use of crypto coins by addressing scalability issues on several blockchains. The Polygon (MATIC) coin has seen impressive runs in the past.

The Mastercard Accelerator Program for up-and-coming artists has been introduced thanks to a partnership between the global powerhouse Mastercard and Polygon (MATIC). This announcement caused a surge in the past week as the Polygon (MATIC) coin is trading at $1.15. Although Polygon (MATIC) could see good price movement soon, a different project with more room for growth would benefit more.


Uwerx (WERX) Looks Set To Become A Blue-Chip Coin

This freelance sector is run by popular freelance platforms that face no competition. Uwerx will soon arrive to disrupt that. It will separate itself from the pack with lower fees, greater transparency, and better record-keeping. These benefits will be available with the introduction of blockchain technology!

Uwerx will be the first-of-its-kind freelance platform built on blockchain. Since no other platform can match these advantages, Uwerx will be a dominating force in the freelance industry!

This platform will be powered by the WERX token, which is available right now at just $0.0065. But it won’t be this cheap soon; as the presale advances, so will its price. It should be noted that after the presale concludes, the liquidity of Uwerx will be locked in for 25 years. Also, the project has received InterFi Network and SolidProof audit approval at this early stage.

Due to its unique innovations and potential, a 7,000% surge will likely come as it reaches $2.90 by June 2023. So get in early to enjoy a 25% purchase bonus and participate in a competition to win $5,000 and reap 30x profits!

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network/

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