USDT Margined Futures Allow Users to Profit From Price Fluctuations

USDT Margined Futures Allow Users to Profit From Price Fluctuations

USDT margined futures are a type of cryptocurrency derivative that allows users to profit from price fluctuations by building long and short positions. USDT margined futures settlements and transactions are in USDT, and the platform allows USDT margined perpetual swaps. is an innovative cryptocurrency derivative and trading platform that allows its users to leverage up to 50X and earn numerous rewards through future trading. According to the core team, plans to strengthen its platform by adding USDT margined futures, allowing its users to earn more money. It’s worth noting that USDT margined futures are only available to Unified Margin Mode (UM) users, not Classic Mode users. 

The team has announced a partnership with The OPEN network, with the hope that the strategic partnership will assist the team in improving and developing The Open Network (TON) ecosystem. The Open Network(TON) is a proof-of-stake blockchain founded in 2018 by the Durov brothers, the founders of Telegram Messenger. It was eventually transferred onto the open TON Community, which has since supported and developed it. TON was designed for instant transactions and is extremely cheap, user-friendly, and completely functional.

“TON’s heritage and roadmap, together with its performance, has given us faith in its great potential,” says Toya Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer of We anticipate that our users will recognize and appreciate its worth. and Matrixport offer a wide range of new solutions, trading, and asset management tools that will help the TON ecosystem grow faster. We are excited to collaborate with TON and look forward to contributing to the community as we incorporate TON into our various products.”

This strategic partnership would aid in the development of new applications for TON’s native token, particularly on’s planned crypto financial services savings product. The partnership also includes Cactus Custody, a third-party institutional custody service operated by the developers of’s cryptocurrency exchange, Matrixport, which will support TON’s native token.

AdvertisementFollow ZyCrypto On Google News strives to be one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms by giving access to a diverse range of innovative cryptocurrency products that make it easier for Spot and Futures traders to trade on its platform. The trading platform believes that adding USDT margined futures will help it and its users scale to the next level. has positioned itself as a platform capable of assisting customers with price discovery, trading strategy execution, and liquidity provision services, all while fostering financial product innovation.