USDC Holders To Earn Up To 60% APR As AlgoVest Launches AlgoPool

USDC Holders To Earn Up To 60% APR As AlgoVest Launches AlgoPool

Crypto investment growth project AlgoVest is launching a new investment yield, AlgoPool. The new platform will bring passive income opportunities to USDC holders. USDC holders will be able to earn up to 60% APR in passive income.

When fully launched, investors can lock their USDC holdings for a period of time depending on the investment yield pools of their choice. They can claim their rewards weekly or wait until the end of the contract to claim everything at once. There are three such pools and investors can:

  • Lock their USDC for 8 weeks to get 20% APR
  • Lock their USDC for 16 weeks to get 40% APR or 
  • Lock their USDC for 24 weeks to get 60% APR.

AlgoPool uses algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence and has so far generated 150% profits in 12 months. When rolled out, investors can deposit their USDC holdings in the pool of their choice after staking AVS, AlgoVest’s native token. They can then deposit USDC up to 10x the amount of AVS staked, which also generates an 8% APR.

AlgoVest provides a safe way to earn passive income

USDC is a stablecoin, which means it does not experience the level of volatility that conventional cryptocurrencies experience. Using them to earn passive income means the investments are safe as the value of each coin is always equal to $1.

To further ensure the security of investments, AlgoVest will be using two different external security and smart contract audits. AlgoPool will also come with a deposit-protection risk coverage through a decentralized insurance provider. Eventually, there will be 100% protection for all deposited USDC on the platform.