Adoption: Uquid Users can now use XRP to pay for Electricity, Mobile top up and more

XRP Acceptance Reaches 40 Million Locations in 180 Countries

Ripple’s (XRP) has just received another major adoption from payment platform Uquid. According to an announcement on Uquid medium page, users can now use XRP for payment of electricity bills, mobile top-up, pay online bills, Food vouchers, PIN-less call, and other services on its platform.

Mobile users of 600 mobile networks in 150 countries can use XRP to top up their mobile phones airtime while users from Bangladesh, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, and South Africa can pay for data bundles.

For electricity bills and insurance, only users from Indonesia are supported with for now, while users in El Salvador and Guatemala can use it to buy grocery vouchers. Users in Guatemala and Philipines can also use XRP to buy pharmacy vouchers while only the united states users are allowed to use it for PIN-less calls.

Nicaraguan users are the only ones who can pay for transportation with XRP while the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Philippine can pay for TV subscriptions with the service.

Uquid is a platform for deposit, transfer, and withdrawal of e-currencies. It is taking the quality of its service to the next level by adopting the foremost remittance cryptocurrency XRP for payment of several services in hundreds of countries around the world.

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This is another major step forward in bringing crypto adoption to the mainstream sectors and no blockchain project has done that more than Ripple. The company has been expanding its reach to provide seamless remittance services around the world to make funds transfer as easy as sending an email.

With this new adoption, users can easily pay for services to merchants and the move is sure to encourage crypto and blockchain adoption on a global scale. The services are available to selected countries and it’s just for the initial launch and more countries will be included as the possibility shows up.

Ripple’s native token XRP has been adopted by several merchants for settling payments around the world and is likely to keep expanding so, the question is what will be XRP’s next major adoption news?