UpTrend To Introduce A Crypto Revolutionary Platform For Social Media Influencer Marketing

UpTrend To Introduce A Crypto Revolutionary Platform For Social Media Influencer Marketing

UpTrend, a Toronto-based company, is elated to announce the launch of its new innovative platform that promises to revolutionize social media influencer marketing.

The new platform seeks to connect brands with influencers effortlessly. According to the UpTrend Team, the new platform will also allow influencers and other users to track engagement metrics and offer automatic payments.

Commenting on the platform, UpTrend’s founder and CEO stated:

“It’s super simple because businesses will upload the campaigns, and influencers could come on the platform, see all the campaigns, share the ones that resonate with their audience and then earn off the engagements. It’s the first-ever platform where anyone can monetize their social media. Our target audiences are micro-influencers and regular people who have social media accounts and want to make some extra money on the side.”

Unlike other social media platforms, UpTrend’s platform added the concept of cryptocurrencies through its native token, the UpTrend token. Through this token, UpTrend seeks to reward influencers for their participation, allowing them to earn more in addition to getting paid by the businesses they campaign for on the platform. Notably, the UpTrend tokens can be cashed in or used on the platform to get discounts on services. This will be the first-ever promotion to earn tokens, which also acts as an additional incentive for people to come onto the platform through customer referrals.


UpTrend’s new platform aims at leading the revolution of social media influencer marketing by making processes simple and automated. The platform will provide brands with maximum exposure while providing influencers with consistent work through a win-win partnership when fully launched.

In addition, the platform is open to all, welcoming both big and small social media influencers to take part in the revolution. 

UpTrend’s founder added:

“It’s just a different way of doing business in the social media influencer space. Businesses are already on the platform ready for influencers to share their campaigns, and all you have to do is go on the platform, click share, and UpTrend tracks your engagement and pays you accordingly.”

The Trend token is officially launching on February 15th, 2022, at 9:00 PM UTC.

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