Unparalleled Crypto Companies With Vast Growth Dynamics In 2021


In today’s boom of cryptocurrency trading, it was just a matter of time when international companies with teams of experienced broker-traders will shine in the global crypto market. And nowadays one of the main branches of this sphere is digital asset management services. Global representatives of the investment industry turned their attention to this fast-growing and promising industry. And soon crypto-focused fintech investment companies became an integral part of the digital currency world.

Here are the most notable representatives of the cryptocurrency asset management industry with the highest growth dynamics in 2021.

1) Dinosaur Financial Group

Dinosaur Financial Group is a global platform with headquarters in New York, Miami, and London. They provide a range of financial services, such as wealth management, investment banking, global FX trading, and dealer/broker services. Dinosaur entered the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies through their partnership with tZERO, a global leader in blockchain innovations, which was announced at the beginning of 2019. Nowadays Dinosaur Financial Group is one of the best-known global investment management companies and there were lots of rumors that in 2022 they are going to focus on the Asian market and bolster their positions in that region.

Unparalleled Crypto Companies With Vast Growth Dynamics In 2021

2) Blockchain Investments & Co.

Headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, Blockchain Investments & Co. consists of a team of experienced specialists in the field of crypto assets. They are well-known for their series of successful predictions in the Q4 of 2020 that built them trust a reputation of the successful crypto trading team and they keep proving that they totally deserve it. The partners of Blockchain Investments & Co. include Blockchain Industry Group, Koinly, Hague University of Applied Sciences. They are an official provider of forecasting, correlation, and descriptive data for Nasdaq, a leading global data platform.

3) AmerX

Americas Executions (AmerX) was among the first investment banks to utilize blockchain technology. They are a member of the New York Stock Exchange and an SEC and FINRA-registered broker-dealer. Being one of the biggest players of the New York Stock Exchange, AmerX had everything needed to take the lead in the field of investments in the blockchain sector. And now AmerX provides services to clients in over 50 countries. The executive group of AmerX has already announced their ambitious plans for the blockchain industry in 2022 so we will definitely hear about America’s Executions in the nearest future.


4) inCore Capital

inCore.capital, registered in Great Britain, is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms in European countries. This company provides a variety of digital financial services including crypto assets management. Today this field is one of the key directions of the company’s profile. inCore Capital is also focused on the popularization and development of the cryptocurrency industry. Their versatile business model and variety of particular qualities and innovations distinguish inCore.Capital favorably from other representatives of the crypto trading sphere. inCore.Capital is definitely on our watch list as we expect to hear a lot of announcements from their representatives in a while.

Unparalleled Crypto Companies With Vast Growth Dynamics In 2021

5) Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital, headquartered in New York, is an organization that specializes in blockchain technology and digital assets. There are four areas of business activities for this company: principal investments, cryptocurrency trading, asset management, and advisory services. Galaxy Digital was founded by Michael Novogratz, a former president of Fortress Investment Group who was listed in “Richest People in Cryptocurrency” by Forbes in 2018. In May 2021, Galaxy Digital bought the crypto custodian named BitGo for $1.2 billion. Earlier this year, the company launched its own cryptocurrency mining operations (Galaxy Digital Mining) to “provide bitcoin miners with a comprehensive suite of financial services and products”, as Novogratz said.