Unique Move-to-Earn Fitness Startup beFITTER Discloses Mainnet Launch

Unique Move-to-Earn Fitness Startup beFITTER Discloses Mainnet Launch

beFITTER, a unique move-to-earn platform that focuses strictly on health and fitness has disclosed its mainnet launch scheduled for July 22. This will see the platform providing users with the official version of the beFITTER app with bugs fixed and bringing users the most satisfying experience and intense excitement ever.

The crypto industry has grown significantly as several innovative projects continue to storm the space. These projects have emerged with several unique mechanisms that have made the industry exciting and profitable for enthusiasts.

Among the unique projects storming the crypto space is beFitter, a move-to-earn startup that helps users to earn while maintaining good health and fitness. The project is built to create a fitter and healthier world by following scientific principles.

beFITTER’s Mainnet Launch

After the launch, users can join activities to earn tokens. These activities include exercises like running, walking, cycling and lots more. Users can also open inventory and do activities with shoe NFTs. The wallet will as well be available for several use cases.

The team behind beFITTER is working effortlessly to put their visions into reality. The startup was formed by a group of four persons, which includes; Trang Doan, the Product Owner, Ba Nguyen, the Co-founder; Thai Trieu, the Art Director; and Ha Nguyen, the Head of Development.


Prior to the mainnet launch, the team had hosted the Alpha Test Challenge earlier in June, seeing major success with more than 250,000 registrations and 15,878 unique active users. After that, they held the Beta Testnet Event, which turned out impressively with 19,237 active users, and the longest engaged time was recorded at 75 mins.

The team revealed further that beFITTER sold 100 out of 500 NFTs in just 3 minutes on GameFi.org, while 400 Shoe Box NFTs sold out in just one day on Enjinstarter.com. Nonetheless, beFITTER has achieved several milestones and is set for its mainnet launch.

As the team behind the platform disclosed, the beFITTER app will soon be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users will then be able to download it and start earning exciting rewards for activities like walking, running, and cycling. They can view their Shoe collection, repair it, boost it, sell their NFTs, or unbox the Mystery Shoe NFT, all of it through the inventory.