Uniglo.io Disrupts Shiba Inu And Dogecoin Camps After Price Rise

Uniglo.io Disrupts Shiba Inu And Dogecoin Camps After Price Rise

A couple of years back, who would have thought that a meme coin with no real-world utility would make millionaires out of thin air? What started as a trend with Dogecoin has come a long way with the advent of cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu. Both gave investors plenty of reasons to rejoice until the market fell apart in 2022. Meme tokens lost steam to the extent that any further upside move is now dependent on the community hype, which is quite challenging in a bear market.

DOGE and SHIB adherents are back in the camps watching the unprecedented growth of Uniglo. It has been appreciating in value and popularity ever since the presale began. Some top communities in the crypto space are keeping an eye on its progress as we head towards the smart contract launch next month.

What makes Uniglo stand out from the crowd?

A revolutionary concept!

Revolution may be an overused term in crypto, but Uniglo proves what it actually means. The market needed a cryptocurrency that could withstand market conditions and was reliable enough to be used as a payment method. Uniglo fills the gap by creating a stable asset class with a hyper-deflationary token model.

The price floor of GLO tokens will be backed by a pool of digital currencies, rare NFTs, and real-world collectibles. The protocol will boost treasury with taxation on every buy/sell transaction. These funds will be allocated toward purchasing high-appreciating assets, which will positively impact the token’s inherent value.


To further speed up the value creation process, an ultra-burn mechanism will be activated where 2% of every transaction will be removed from circulation. No other project in the crypto space has a design to burn tokens as fast as this.

Furthermore, every GLO holder will have the right to vote on project functionalities, asset acquisition, liquidation, and scheduled burns. Uniglo aims to operate as a community-owned platform where everyone can participate in proportion to their holdings. The final stage of the public presale is underway, and the token has already appreciated by 55% within a few weeks. An exciting future roadmap may trigger another upside move in the coming days.

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