Understanding Axentro: An Original, Proof of Work Blockchain for Decentralised Apps

Understanding Axentro: An Original, Proof of Work Blockchain for Decentralised Apps

The decentralization of the financial world is something that cryptocurrencies of all types are working to create. And that is where Axentro comes in as well. It’s proof of work blockchain that allows for versatility for decentralized apps. Not only that but it provides mining benefits to all users through CPU only mining, rather than only offering them to those who are able to afford expensive setups. Instead, anyone who is mining will get rewards and complete decentralization to go along with it all.

The platform is an entirely decentralized app platform, allowing developers to create their apps directly on the platform, even including tutorials and more to assist. There will also be a fully decentralized app store where those apps can be listed and sold so that users are able to find the apps they want in the format that they’re looking for. This is alongside the cross-platform wallet with secure chat, social media integration, crypto exchange, and payments hub. Overall, this service will provide a range of different features for anyone and everyone looking to venture further into the decentralized space. 

What You Need to Know

In launching Axentro, there is still a great deal that needs to be done. In fact, the system is not quite ready to be initialized just yet, but it is growing in a number of ways. Not only that but it is meant to improve upon a number of different areas for the decentralized app market. It will allow for smart assets, plugin architecture, CPU only mining, and two-factor authentication. This alongside the intuitiveness, flexibility, and scalability of the system as a whole. For those who are looking into new opportunities and types of technology. 

By learning more about this platform and the services that it will provide before they are made available to the mainstream public, it will be possible to get a head start and make a new venture in the right direction. Those who have been looking into decentralization methods are better poised to take advantage of this event and see the milestones that have been and will be achieved through the use of Axentro and the decentralized apps that it will make available. As more and more users delve into this platform and the resources that it has to offer, it will continue to offer a wider array of apps that allow for even more advanced usage. 

For Crypto Users

Crypto users will most definitely want to take a closer look at the features inherent with this platform because it’s emphasizing the decentralized lifestyle. It allows for mining in a new way that benefits all who choose to engage rather than only prioritizing those who are able to devote more time, money, and energy to the process. For the average crypto user, this type of service creates a more balanced option of ways to utilize the decentralized marketplace in an entirely new way. 

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The general concept here is to make sure that users are able to carry out whatever they might need without having to worry about centralized processing that removes some of the security features that they may be looking for. As the user continues to delve deeper into the field of cryptocurrency and begins looking for new ways to enhance their crypto offerings it is important to have a strong foundation of apps and strategies that allow for more advanced opportunities and continued development. Crypto users will have a range of different capabilities as the system continues to grow and develop throughout the next year as well. 

Axentro Progression Sequence

● February 2021 – Mobile Wallet & Desktop Wallet Improvements 

In this phase, the system is expected to implement its own mobile digital wallet, which will enable crypto users to store their currency securely through the decentralized platform on a mobile device rather than strictly through the desktop version. 

● March 2021 – Shared Wallets 

Users will be able to create shared wallets with limits and controls on how many of the users need to authorise specific categories of transaction. This will also expand the capabilities available for building apps with shared wallets. 

● March 2021 – Exchange Listing 

While this date is not a definite guarantee just yet, the platform expects to list on the exchange in March of 2021 as well. This will signal a huge development for Axentro and all of the users who are already part of the platform at the time. This will also help in launching the project through the rest of the phases. 

● April 2021 – In Wallet Chat & Social Media Integration 

With everything transferring over to social media these days it should come as no surprise that this platform will be implementing social media integration. This process is expected to rollout in the middle of next year along with the ability to easily chat between users. 

● May 2021 – Decentralized App infrastructure Part 1 

This is where the fully decentralized app system will go into effect, or at least, where it will begin. It’s expected to truly revolutionize the way in which this system works and the way in which crypto users are able to interact with the platform. 

Getting into the second half of the year the platform will continue to work on the decentralized infrastructure and will continue to build upon the overall structure to ensure the best features for users moving forward. This will allow for even more app development. 

There is a great deal expected from Axentro, and those developments are not all available just yet. In fact, it appears that the developments that are available are only just scratching the surface of what we can expect as we get into 2021 and beyond. Throughout the next year this

platform is expected to improve and build upon the current offerings until it is able to offer all of the features and services that cryptocurrency users are looking for in the modern era of investing and overall development.

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