Uncovering the Divide Between Meme Coins and Utility Tokens

Budblockz (BLUNT), Elrond (EGLD) and Maker (MKR) looking up after week-long rallies

Recent crypto market volatility has undermined confidence in several crypto ventures. Now, more than ever, crypto proponents are encouraged to reconsider and review the core purpose of the digital currencies they have invested in. Meme coins and utility tokens are two facets of the tumultuous realm of cryptocurrencies which should be further uncovered.

Are Meme Coins a Good Crypto Investment?

All cryptocurrencies are dependent on a robust community and support from influential users. But the rise in popularity of meme tokens may be directly attributed to their disproportionate identification with influential people, most notably Elon Musk. The concept of “meme coins” is sometimes dismissed as a harmless joke, yet some feel that the concept should be treated seriously. Cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin have caused a significant stir in the cryptocurrency market, and as a result, some investors have amassed considerable worth due to their holdings. But are meme coins a wise investment?

Some of these coins have become well-known due to the promotion they have received from important celebrities, and the values of those coins have been driven up by retail investors who have driven up demand for them by extensively marketing them online. Because of this, the prices of these currencies often see spectacular increases despite their unstable fundamentals. When their prices increase, many investors decide to sell their holdings quite quickly to realize a yield. It is very doubtful that meme coins will still exist in a few years or decades since they now serve no practical use. Once investors divert their attention to another project, the value of meme coins may see a steep decline.

Exploring the Value of Utility Tokens

At the forefront of crypto innovation, utility tokens are designed to fulfil a specific function. One example of a utility like this would be if tokens could be redeemed on a platform for a unique service or given priority access to other services using the tokens. They are used primarily by businesses to increase consumer interest in the goods they provide and for the application of and value generation in services offered by blockchain ecosystems.

Overall, the platform that issues the utility token may give the token holder a broad range of applications for the token; however, this varies from platform to platform. There is a possibility that some may provide access to certain services or goods that were built by the entity that issued the token. For their part, some companies offer token holders with exclusive deals, bonuses, or other advantages.

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These represent a real innovation in how the participants in an ecosystem are compensated for their efforts and involvement. Utility tokens may enhance the economics for both sides of a marketplace, as they represent an innovative method of finance and business formation. They represent an unprecedented change in that they completely modify how multiple stakeholders (creators, funders, and even consumers) are compensated for their efforts or involvement in any new decentralized project.

Moreover, utility tokens may initiate network effects by promoting early platform use. In contrast to security tokens, they do not represent rights to profits or other financial rewards, although some individuals may acquire them with the expectation that their value would increase. 

BudBlockz: An Innovative Utility Token

One of the most promising projects on the market is BudBlockz, pursuing the mission to establish an open, fairly traded environment for new and experienced enthusiasts to access the global market with decentralization and privacy. BudBlockz is a blockchain-based platform that facilitates encrypted peer-to-peer transactions, using $BLUNT as a medium of exchange between people and cannabis businesses, such as Dispensaries, Farms, and CBD producers. This way, they create a 24/7 open marketplace operating within legal jurisdictions.

BudBlockz is an ecosystem that endorses the cannabis industry and associated companies, built on the Ethereum blockchain. It arises as the first asset-backed NFT for marijuana goods anywhere in the world, and it gives users access to a safe and encrypted market where they can buy, sell, and trade cannabis items. Ultimately, the decentralized payment system backed by BLUNT tokens will benefit firms in legal jurisdictions, whereas private token ownership will increase access to those in jurisdictions that still have some restrictions.

Moving forward, BLUNT and BudBlockz will be in an excellent position to capitalize on the growing number of nations that have legalized cannabis use. BudBlockz will also provide fractional asset ownership to clients using NFT collections. This will let customers invest in cannabis-related enterprises like dispensaries, farms, and other establishments. Hence, the value of BLUNT is expected to rise in tandem with the expansion of the marijuana industry.

There are so many things working in BudBlockz’s favour that it makes BLUNT a viable candidate for the next blockchain project that will define a new generation of crypto millionaires.

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