UNCHAIN, one of the world’s leading blockchain events to be held in Berlin

UNCHAIN, one of the world's leading blockchain events to be held in Berlin

Anyone passionate about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology has the opportunity to visit the second edition of UNCHAIN Convention, which will be held June 14-15 in Berlin. The stellar event which will take place in a trendy hotspot for entrepreneurs and lovers of club music brings together even more prominent crypto voices than in 2018.

Relocation to Berlin

The two-day event, which has been voted to be one of the Top 10 blockchain conferences last year, moved its location from Hamburg to Berlin, which concentrates more than half of blockchain startups in Germany. The city known as an innovation hub is considered more convenient for the international community which makes up the main target audience of the event.

The conference will focus on today’s challenges for startups, investors and developers working hard to revive activity on the market. Current prices for coins and future outlooks; blockchain use cases and business models; financial insider viewpoints and strategies; regulatory aspects of Germany and other jurisdictions – all this will be the subject of discussion for early crypto investors, leading technologists, founders of blockchain startups and regulators.

Even more speakers than in 2018


This year’s lineup features 30+ speakers from 20+ countries, including:

  • Brock Pierce, multimillionaire and chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation;
  • Tone Vays, Wall Street veteran & analyst;
  • Eddy Travia, pioneer blockchain investor, CEO at Coinsilium ;
  • Alena Vranova, co-founder of SatoshiLabs and Trezor;
  • Riccardo Spagni, Monero lead developer and co-founder of Tari;
  • Christian Decker, Blockstream software developer;
  • Adam Ficsor, Wasabi Bitcoin wallet creator;
  • Jeff Gallas, CEO and co-founder of Fulmo.

Crypto payments, privacy and scalability of Bitcoin, different layers of blockchain, applications of smart contracts, investment and fundraising issues and much more will be discussed by them.

Reflecting the spirit of the city

The location was chosen in full accordance with the spirit of the city, where the average age of residents does not exceed the bar of 35. Säälchen, a creative cluster where nightclub owners put on the best parties in the city, is ideal for leaving children in a nursery and going to the conference and ending the evening by attending a party. While breaking, visitors can walk through the urban village made of recycled windows, secondhand bricks and scrap wood.

“We want to create an atmosphere filled with meaning and positive energy. Live music on stage, art, related side-events and intimate networking area will be established for the best business initiation,” Oskar Giese, UNCHAIN Convention founder says.

Find out more and register

When: June 14-15, 2019

Where: Berlin, Säälchen

Event’s YouTube channel featuring what went down last year.

Tickets are already available on the official website. The access is limited to 500 attendees.

Use the promo code LEV8MPUC to get a 20% discount on Standard and Experience tickets.