TZ APAC And NUS Computing Partner Up To Build A Strong Pipeline Of Tech Innovators

TZ APAC And NUS Computing Partner Up To Build A Strong Pipeline Of Tech Innovators

TZ APAC, a leading Asia-based blockchain company supporting the Tezos ecosystem is excited to announce its partnership with the National University of Singapore School of Computing (NUS Computing) to set up the Centre for Nurturing of Computing Excellence.

As per the announcement, the new center will be led by Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck from NUS Computing. The new Centre seeks to empower students to learn from real-world industry experts in different fields such as cloud computing, blockchain, and data science.

TZ APAC and NUS Computing reportedly partnered up to meet the growing demand in Singapore which has become a leader in blockchain technology. Through the partnership, the two aim at building a strong talent pipeline in and ensuring that computing talents in Singapore are well equipped to harness the potential of blockchain and other technologies.  

Commenting on the Centre, Associate Professor Tan from NUS Computing stated:

“Over the past few years, Singapore has established itself as a leading destination for tech enterprises in breakthrough industries. By partnering with pioneering organizations such as TZ APAC, students will have the opportunity to benefit from real-world expertise at a critical juncture of their education. In establishing this Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence, we hope to raise the bar for computing education in the country and across the region, as we nurture the next generation of tech talent.”


Notably, Associate Professor Tan has been responsible for training and coaching students participating in internationally renowned programming contests such as the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the International Collegiate Programming Contest, and the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI). Last year, he led the Singapore IOI team to achieve the best showing in the event’s history. During this event, the team won 3 gold medals and a silver medal. 

TZ APAC wants to create a blockchain developer curriculum where students will be able to learn directly from TZ APAC team members through a hybrid of virtual and in-person classes, hackathons, workshops, and tutorials. Note the Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence was established from past engagements with other higher education institutions including Nagoya University, Kyoto University, and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. 

Colin Miles, the newly-appointed CEO of TZ APAC, stated: 

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a great deal of progress across Asia’s blockchain ecosystem in terms of meaningful adoption and TZ APAC has played a significant role in driving this growth across enterprising projects building on Tezos. In partnering with NUS Computing, we hope to advance a future in which blockchain education isn’t something limited to niche developer communities, but a vital part of computing curriculums across some of the region’s leading universities.”

TZ APAC has had a long-standing commitment to cultivating blockchain talent in Singapore and across the region. TZ APAC is planning to launch the TZ APAC Tezos Developer Hub in the central business district of Singapore in the coming days.