Twtzer IPO for 49% equity via TWTZ will be live on 9th Nov

Twtzer IPO for 49% equity via TWTZ will be live on 9th Nov

It’s clear that there’s potential for enviable yields from an IPO. The trading process for these assets is distinct from regular stock trading, so it’s important to have a firm grasp on the topic before making any commitments.

Also, it would be best if you get thorough with the additional risks and rules accompanying IPOs.

An IPO stands for initial public offering. This process occurs when any private company or project first sells stock or asset shares to the public.

Crowdfunding IPO By Twtzer Will Exceed Your Expectations

Currently, Twtzer has raised a crowdfunding round to initiate an IPO event to transition project ownership from a private ecosystem to public ownership.

The project has allocated almost 49% of the total shares to the crowd. The remaining shares are secured for various purposes like liquidity, team management, application and platform development, and many more.


This platform is DeSo decentralized social media and is different from other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

In fact, initial buyers or active holders of TWTZ tokens can freely reserve lifetime shares and earn application revenue dividends. The team has announced to host the IPO on the official site on 9th November and will release a statement on other social media channels. Currently, the Twtzer app is available for Desktop, iOS, and Android.

Many influencers exploring the metaverse of decentralized applications also believe in the future of social media networks. One such person is Richard MacManus tweeting positive information at Twitter: Such influential vibes motivate the overall sector to transform the industry into a better space. The core purpose of the Twtzer application:

  • Publish and narrate the ideas of content to audiences.
  • A decentralized application that is resistant to censorship and undue control.
  • Designed with numerous features leading the way ahead of traditional social platforms.
  • It is a blockchain-based social networking project that timely lines up the interests of users, investors, platform creators, and influencers.
  • Simply with sophisticated smart contracts, you can engage directly with followers, other users, fans, buyers, etc.
  • This project works on an enhanced monetization framework.
  • Offers you a high level of privacy, and anonymity.

Why This Sudden Program?

Moreover, Twtzer is going public through an IPO declaration to raise its public profile, fund growth initiatives, increase the percentage of capital to pay off debts, enable project insiders to widen their holdings, and also to create liquidity by trading a relative portion of the private shares in the form of the IPO.

After a smashing year in 2021, the major market is off to a slow start in 2022. Some relatively few companies have come out with their IPOs program so far. 

Some Facts You Don’t Know

The record from 2 years back states that almost 63 projects presented their IPOs, the highest since 2010 when the firms raised worth Rs 1,19,882 crore via IPOs. As the market situation improves, many more companies will place their IPOs.

In the case of the Twtzer social media networking platform, you get top-notch security with sophisticated smart contracts built on reliable blockchain protocols.

Still, always perform your homework and research before making any investment. Looking at the current prospectus with Twitter and fundraising companies might make it difficult to proceed further.

With Twtzer, you can rest assured as the platform is quite transparent, and while joining this IPO event, the team stays in touch all while through the process and after the closure as well.

It is important to stay still and avoid getting swept up in the hype that many new projects promise to offer. You might have come across several firms having debuted with high expectations; however, they struggle and even go out of business.

But this project is quite different and exceptional from others. You can give it a try as the deal provided by the project seems good. For more details, you can go through the project’s fundamental objectives, standard paper, and profile.


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