Two of the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies to Trade this Week


The cryptocurrency market seems to be back on track along with the bullish tides that have been flooding the market since the past 24hrs. Tokens and coins have been taking an upsurge for most of the day, with market capitalization and trading volume exploding from side to side.

However, it all begins and end in the hands of traders and investors, as such, the need for careful introspection and analysis is necessary for traders to make more informed trading decisions, one of which includes the possibility of leveraging the current bullish trend, whether long or short term, in the most valuable way to attain gains.

This week, with significant factors such as stability and trading volume, the altcoins are showing themselves most promising. More precisely, EOS and Maker having been two of the most stable coins are best players for trading this week.


EOS, one of the highest gainer in the cryptocurrency market had been going back and forth with LTC since last week as both coins tied and surpassed each other with market capitalization. Not only has EOS broken out of the $2 mark, but EOS is also up by 15.28% with a trading price of $3.24.

It will be interesting to note that EOS’ Market capitalization increased by $20 million in less than 4hrs today, resulting in a total of  $2.87 billion, one that is certain to cross over to $3 billion on a few hours.



With 8.82% in gains at press time, Maker (MKR) has consistently delivered in terms of stability, but at present, this coin is swiftly heading toward $600. Yesterday, MKR closed at $536.37 but has now added up a staggering $38 in a short period of time, landing its trading price at $574.06. Market cap of $536.37 million is now seated at $574.98 million.

Disclaimer: You are Advised to Always Conduct Your Own Independent Research Before Investing in any Digital Asset, The views expressed in this article are wholly those of the author and do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto.