Not The Standard! Twitter User Slams XRP And Its Fans, Gets Schooled About It


A Twitter user may have poked the bear when they decided to throw a jab at XRP and its support community. Apparently, the user, going by the handle “Crypto Sara,” has a problem with anyone who thinks XRP is the new standard. Interestingly, she had the courage to tweet about it, even so graphically.

However, what Crypto Sara didn’t expect is the kind of intense schooling session triggered by her condensing tweet. One serious XRP fan, Alex Cobb, grabbed the opportunity to throw a response and teach the XRP hater a few things about the crypto. In fact, he kicked off his counter-attack with a rather charismatic utterance that XRP is already the standard.

XRP Is More Active Than Bitcoin

First off, Alex let Sara know that XRP records much more daily network activity (in terms of transactions) than Bitcoin. That, perhaps, was meant to put into perspective XRP’s ability to challenge even the topmost crypto in the market.

Financial Institutions Are Trooping In Daily

Alex went on to mention that about 10 more financial institutions are joining the XRP bandwagon every day. Institutions that join Ripple’s RippleNet can choose to adopt Ripple’s xRapid payment solution and use XRP as a base currency for faster and secure cross-border transactions with boosted liquidity.

The fact that some of the biggest financial institutions like central banks and investment firms are joining the XRP community goes a long way to confirm Alex’s assertion that the crypto may already have achieved the standard status.


Large Community And Popularity

Going forth, Alex opined that XRP currently enjoys a very large and influential community that forms its huge support base. In fact, XRP has been very much in the news of late, and that points to its growing popularity.

Alex wasn’t the only person throwing counter-jabs at the XRP hater. Many other XRP supporters come out to help school Crypto Sara about XRP. According to one of them, it’s pointless and weird to be against XRP for working with banks when you’re operating a bank account.