Tuur Demeester: Ethereum Is Getting More Centralized And Lacks Credibility

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Co-founder of Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester isn’t thrilled about Ethereum’s performance, and he hasn’t shied away from expressing his displeasure.

In a Twitter post that has since attracted the attention of numerous crypto fans, Tuur points out a few of the issues that he considers thorny in Ethereum, one of them being centralization. Tuur shot to his tweet as a counter to an earlier tweet by Spencer Noon outlining the strengths of the Ethereum network. 

ETH Is Losing Market Share

Besides claiming that ETH is becoming more and more centralized, Tuur went on to opine that Ethereum is slowly losing its market share to other centralized platforms that are challenging it in the market. He went on to claim that smart contracts and token issuance are shifting away from Ethereum to Bitcoin.  

Not Secure

Tuur didn’t stop there. In his opinion, the new ETH 2.0 platform lacks credibility. However, when asked to elaborate on his claims, Tuur wasn’t able to explain exactly why the system lacks credibility.

This is after many crypto fans came out to challenge him on the matter. He was challenged to point out a few facts to back his claims. In response, Tuur stated that PoS is vulnerable to centralization, but didn’t give further points to explain that. 


ETH Is A Science Experiment 

Sounding as if to dismiss the ETH network in its entirety, Tuur opined that ETH is just a science experiment.

However, according to one of the users contributing to the hot thread, Tuur was grossly wrong to think that ETH could be looked at as the Yahoo of blockchain. In contrary, according to this user, ETH could be the Windows of blockchain.