Traditional Market TradingView Service Integrated Into Bitget Derivatives Exchange

Bitget Announces Direct Integration With TradingView For Crypto Derivatives Trading

The TradingView service – a favourite among millions of traders worldwide- has been successfully integrated into the Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. The partnership comes as Bitget expands its service lineup, allowing its community to leverage the technical capabilities of market leaders from adjacent industries. The tool lineup provided by the TradingView service will be seamlessly integrated into the exchange’s interface for instant access to real-time market information and social trading channels.

Bitget has been expanding its lineup of services and features since 2022, aggressively entering new markets and accessing communities of traders around the world. The integration of TradingView is part of the exchange’s strategy of enhancing user experience and bolstering the product lineup with tools that make trading both informative and profitable. TradingView’s capabilities also allow users to mitigate risks, while Bitget’s robust infrastructure ensures high security and reliability. In addition to the tools provided by the TradingView service, the social trading option will also be available to users of Bitget, connecting them with professionals and market opinion leaders for tapping into new strategies and market insights. 

The partnership is an extremely important step for Bitget, as stated by Gracy Chen, the exchange’s Managing Director. The enhancement of user experience and the strive to make on-the-go trading both convenient and risk-free are the main goals that Bitget pursues with every concluded partnership. Gracy Chen is also confident that the integration will fast-track TradingView’s users into the world of Web3 and foster an inclusive trading environment that favors cryptocurrency adoption.

The award-winning TradingView platform is a market-leader for traders, providing vast opportunities for in-depth market exploration and technical analysis via a solid range of integrated instruments. With its communication applications, convenient mobile and desktop versions, as well as an extensive range of supported assets, the platform is a recognized standard for trading, attracting the best professional traders and novices.

In 2022, Bitget managed to reach the Top 3 in the exchange rating by trading volume. The exchange achieved such a major milestone shortly after the introduction of a series of advanced trading features. Among the latter was copy trading for the spot and futures markets, which allows users of Bitget to rely on the strategies of experienced traders and tap into their market analysis conclusions.