Tradecurve, Polygon, VeChain: Penny Cryptos On Watch Right Now

Tradecurve Looks to Challenge Decentraland and Axie Infinity for Metaverse Crown

Penny cryptos often refer to digital assets whose prices are under $1 that have immense growth potential. Polygon (MATIC), VeChain (VET), and Tradecurve (TCRV) are three of the top penny cryptos. This article will discover how much growth potential these three penny cryptos have.

Polygon (MATIC) Announces Rebranding Plans, a Rally Incoming?

One of the leading layer-2 and DeFi ecosystems, Polygon (MATIC), has announced its rebranding. The MATIC token will be renamed POL as part of the Polygon 2.0 overhaul. In place of MATIC, POL will be used for staking. According to the Polygon team, POL will be a “hyperproductive” token and be more productive than Ethereum.

The rebranding is expected to lead to a major Polygon price rally. Now trading at $0.7539, the price of Polygon is expected to trade above $1 after rebranding. Given its great history, the Polygon price could double when rebranded as POL.

VeChain (VET) Rallies 29%

Since its launch in 2015, VeChain (VET) has been a top crypto with a massive following. However, the VeChain coin has remained in the sub $1 category since its launch. Recently, the price of VeChain has been rising amidst an increase in on-chain activity. In the last 30 days, the VeChain price has increased by 29.3% as it tops the crypto performers’ charts.

The bullish trend for VET is predicted to continue as more apps are launched in the VeChain DeFi ecosystem. Now trading that $0.01944, the chances of VeChain crossing $1 increase with the growing DeFi activity, making it a great penny crypto.


Tradecurve (TCRV) To Rally by 50x Before the End of 2023

Ranked as one of the best penny cryptos in 2023, crypto analysts have predicted a 50x price surge for Tradecurve. The bullish sentiment for Tradecurve stems from the project tapping into one of the biggest markets in the world.

Tradecurve is creating the first decentralized trading platform where users will freely trade assets from a variety of markets. 

On the platform, instruments from stocks, options, forex, and commodities markets use crypto as leverage. Tradecurve taps into a market worth over $632 trillion by connecting the derivatives market to crypto.

With the value and volume of the derivatives market several times bigger than crypto, the price of Tradecurve has been predicted to explode in 2023. Now trading at $0.025 per token, crypto experts have predicted a 50x price surge for the token.

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