Tradecurve, MATIC, Stacks: Undervalued Crypto Assets Worth A Gaze In July

Tradecurve, MATIC, Stacks: Undervalued Crypto Assets Worth A Gaze In July

Cryptocurrencies can increase in value due to their volatility, and adherents are consistently on the lookout for undervalued ones. According to analysts, some of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies that anyone should acknowledge this July include Stacks (STX), Polygon (MATIC), and Tradecurve (TCRV). Each altcoin has high-growth potential, and we will analyze their chart data to see how far they can climb.


  • The Stacks crypto price is still undervalued at $0.681480 and can climb to $0.88.
  • Polygon showcased remarkable growth and will climb to the $0.96 price point throughout 2023.
  • Tradecurve to surge by 100x when it launches after a staggering 80% climb in value.

Stacks Price Increased by 28.4%

Stacks (STX) is the most popular Layer-2 solution for Bitcoin. Its purpose is to enable DeFi, NFTs, and Smart Contracts on top of Bitcoin. The more Bitcoin climbs, the more likely Stacks will increase. Due to this, analysts see it as an undervalued cryptocurrency.

As for its value, Stacks traded at $0.681480 on July 14, 2023. During the past month, the Stacks price increased by 28.4%; in the last week, it’s been up 4.3%.

 According to a Stacks crypto price prediction, the STX crypto can climb to $0.88 by the end of the year. Aside from Stacks, investors are also eyeing Polygon (MATIC) and Tradecurve (TCRV).


Polygon Price To Climb to $0.96 by the End of 2023

Polygon’s (MATIC) team proposed the Polygon 2.0 architecture. The objective is to supply unlimited scalability and unified liquidity. This will transform Polygon into a Value Layer, making it far more appealing to developers and users. 

When we review its value, the Polygon crypto traded at $0.842340 on July 14, 2023. In the past 30 days, it’s been up 29.5%, sparking much interest from investors and traders. 

During the past week, Polygon increased by 24.5%. The Polygon price prediction puts its value at $0.96 by the end of 2023.

Tradecurve To Surge by 100x at Launch

Retaining its bullish momentum within the past month, Tradecurve has showcased impressive gains of 80%. At Stage 4 of its presale, TCRV trades at $0.018 per token. The stunning performance of Tradecurve has been appealing, but it’s still undervalued, according to analysts.

Tradecurve has begun making a name for itself by introducing a hybrid exchange with greater liquidity than BInance or other CEXs. It combines the best elements of CEXs and DEXs to provide true borderless access to forex, stocks, options, ETFs, CFDs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Users can engage with the OTC derivatives market, which has a value of $632 trillion.

In addition, features include high leverage, starting at 500:1, negative balance protection, a VIP account system, and Proof of Reserves (PoR). The project has a solid roadmap ahead of it, with beta development of a Trading App and listing on TIer-1 CEXs and Uniswap. As a result, analysts think TCRV can spike to 100x at launch.

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