Top Creative Professionals Team Up to Create House of Petals NFTs

Top Creative Professionals Team Up to Create House of Petals NFTs

Joey House is a successful entrepreneur with years of experience in real estate, home buying/selling, and house flipping. The iconic luxury floral boutique House of Petals represents Joey’s passion for business and her love for flowers and art. Joey has also worked in the entertainment sector for almost three decades. She is a well-known print and television personality who has worked on a variety of projects both in front of and behind the camera. 

Through House of Petals, Joey has hosted fashion shows, music events, jewelry shows, and many other events. She has also organized several red carpet, celebrity, and humanitarian events. Joey has a penchant for forging connections, having met some of the most influential people in Hollywood and finance.

Given the great atmosphere, many celebrities, musicians, and artists would frequent the physical location of the House of Petals. The fun, rock ‘n’ roll vibe paired with hints of spirituality, crystals, and art installations made it a great hang-out spot for various A-list figures. 

Inspired by the many memories made at the shop, Joey is now launching House of Petals in the metaverse. With the House of Petals, Joey will bring the beauty and magic of her brick-and-mortar shop, leveraging her creativity to inspire and merge music, art, and fashion for people to enjoy. 

Joey is partnering with Duquan Brown, a music industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, and Chase Wimberly, an Amazon strategic business developer and co-founder of Future Media Holdings with Brown. From The Creative House, Carrie Lyn is a blockchain veteran, having invested in a company that distributes music royalties for artists in 2017. They’re all pointing House of Petals in the right direction in the metaverse.


The team includes Brian Poli-Dixon, a self-made artist and former NFL player; Kiana Lee, a prominent female artist recognized for her distinctive floral interpretations and NFT in motion art pieces; and Kylar Stern, a former NHL player and Canadian-based artist who founded Modern Art is Dead. These well-known artists will create the HOP NFT collection in the metaverse through inventive and whimsically inspired digital artwork. Kris Wimberly and Rae McCarson are also two of the top graphic artists who are creating the NFTs. Gino Nagtegaal, who offers his expertise in true community building to support the House of Petals launch, is in charge of the HOP Discord. 

They’re working together to develop innovative techniques and new ways to enter the metaverse. This leadership will steer the project and keep it on course, thanks to their combined digital marketing, technology, music business, and blockchain development triumphs.

House of Petals promises exclusive experiences with Hollywood superstars and music events reminiscent of the colorful speakeasy jam sessions of the past. The team bringing this idea to life has a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective fields, ensuring that this project’s launch is successful.

Creating a space in the metaverse necessitates concerted efforts to generate value and connection, which are the seeds for meaningful community growth. After all-access badges have been released, holders will be able to mint guitars and flowers, which they will then burn to obtain an avatar. In addition to virtual experiences, holders will be able to participate in real-life (RL) encounters. Hollywood actor William “Billy” Baldwin was recently added to the utilities for the House of Petals to provide intimate exclusive experiences for HOP holders. The visionary behind Mindful Meta, Steven Luis Howell, will provide a collaborative utility for the House of Petals will shape the meta-experience with transformational tools for wellness.