Titano Finance recovers all stolen funds from Valentine’s day hack and prepares for a smart contract upgrade

Titano Finance recovers all stolen funds from Valentine's day hack and prepares for a smart contract upgrade

Titano Finance, launched in November 2021, has become one of the most successful BSC projects in Decentralized Finance. It offers a world’s first through its auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol (T.A.P.) and has revolutionized the space with a jaw-dropping 102k% fixed APY.

From the humble beginnings of a fair launch, Titano Finance reached a staggering $120m market cap and over 40k holders by February.  Part of the amazing growth was attributable to Titano P.L.A.Y., its innovative and extremely popular contest, launched in January 2022 and accessible to all $Titano holders. 

Such incredible success, however, always draws unwanted attention. 

In the early hours of Monday 14th February 2022, a hacker stole 4828 BNB from the P.L.A.Y. protocol. An emergency was declared and the experienced Titano team immediately pursued a course of action allowing them to pinpoint the source of the exploit, identify the individuals involved, and then open a dialog with them. The team applied maximum pressure and maintained consistent contact with the hackers in the days following the incident, and on Wednesday 23rd February, the entire stolen amount was returned to the Titano treasury. 

This event highlighted some of the good, and ugly aspects of the DeFi space. First, the ugly; within hours of the hack, rival projects and forks of Titano took to social media to spread FUD about Titano Finance, with some paying journalists for articles claiming that the team had rug-pulled. This could not be further from the truth.


From the moment the hack was discovered the team did not rest. Working alongside members of the Titan community, some of whom are experts in coding, international law, and criminal investigation, they followed a strategy that resulted in the return of the funds. 

The good in the story is that during this time, the greater Titano community strengthened their resolve and trust in the Titano team. The community stood firm, holding, or buying more $TITANO tokens and offered their full support within the social channels on Telegram and Discord. The team repaid this faith in kind. Within days, the team had prepared an emergency compensation package providing a full refund to every single holder that lost money in the P.L.A.Y. This money came from the dev wallet and sent a strong signal to the ‘Titans’ that the team valued them, and that the project would survive this event. 

The full amount stolen in the hack has been returned to the project and added to the liquidity pool to increase price support and stability. This incident displays the resolve of the Titano team and the strength of the Titano community. 

Additionally, this coming week will see the exciting implementation of new and upgraded smart contracts which will make the project more secure for all $Titano holders. These upgrades have been audited by Certik to ensure complete transparency and accountability and will confirm Titano’s place among the top DeFi projects. 

The Certik audit is part of Titano’s aggressive roadmap which also includes, the re-launch of its very popular Titano PLAY contest, and the unveiling of its innovative NFTs, all of which are scheduled for a Q1 completion. With more than 46,000 Titano token holders and a market cap of over $85 million USD, the company continues to grow and deliver for its token holders. 

About Titano:

Titano Finance is a DeFi company transforming the space with its innovative tools and projects. Their premier product is the revolutionary Titano token that provides the industry’s highest stable and fixed APY of 102,483.58% or 1.899% per day. The token is auto-staking with a buy-hold-earn strategy meaning upon purchasing the token, you automatically begin earning rebase rewards right in your wallet. No staking procedures are required, and there are no time lock-ups. And rebase rewards are consistent, arriving every 30 minutes or 48 times per day every day. 

Media contacts:

Company Name: Titano Finance

Contact Person: Julius

Contact Person Title: Founder

City, Country: Los Angeles, California

Company Email: info@titano.finance

Website: https://titano.finance/

Socials: https://linktr.ee/titano.finance