TiFi Rounds Up 3rd Quarter Ranking Among Top BSC Projects

TiFi Rounds Up 3rd Quarter Ranking Among Top BSC Projects

TiFi is an integrated finance ecosystem that provides services such as shopping & trading platforms with NFT and TiFi Token and has a decentralized exchange System. Known as the Allverse, the project launched only a few months ago, but has risen to be among the top projects on BSC.

The Allverse serves as a bridge between the metaverse and the physical worlds. In it, users can shop and trade products using NFTs, which allows trading goods between the virtual and physical worlds.

Customers and suppliers will not have to put up the effort to touch and store the product and leave it with the vendor until they are ready. The process will be streamlined and automated, making it simpler, quicker, and safer for both customers and suppliers. There is also the infrastructure for dependable suppliers to safely store and transport the goods to customers.

TiFi will interface with suppliers such as Apple, Tesla, and well-known premium brands that receive many order requests, but their goods inventory is insufficient to meet the demand. 

By creating NFTs in the Allverse that act as a temporary virtual possession of the asset, customers can exchange the item once it is available and then redeem it later. They can also choose to trade the NFT which is much easier to trade, but has the same value as the actual good.


The NFTs give the customers ownership of the product which is not available and are guaranteed to receive the goods once the product is available, much like booking for a product ahead of production. This makes TiFi a necessity for products that are in short supply. 

With the TIFI auto-burn mechanism and prizes for reflection, TIFI token’s over 57,000 holders will receive the most value and anti-inflation protection for their investments.

TiFi Bank, one of the most anticipated projects in the ecosystem, allows TiFi token holders to stake, exchange, and earn their holdings, all within the Allverse. Built on Binance Smart Chain, the decentralized exchange allows users to trade tokens at competitive fees and rewards liquidity providers handsomely. 

TiFi Bank will first provide Swap and liquidity as the primary services at 0.20% fee per trade per pair, which is 20% cheaper than Pancakeswap. 

The TiFi project’s success is tied to its ability to support several activities in one place. The project also has subprojects that are helping to drive adoption and is now the preferred platform for all the services it offers. The market-oriented tokenomics and the smart contracts employed by TiFi have also helped the project’s growth to popularity.

The project has partnered many top names in the crypto and NFT space, including Yahoo Finance, NewsWire, Gate.io, Obsidian, Vulcania, and Ivendpay, amongst others. If you haven’t yet, check out TiFi today and acquire the TiFi token!