The New “Dodgeball” Mode From Mouse Haunt Brings Together Classic Gamers And Blockchain Enthusiasts

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BURNABY, BC / OCTOBER 11th, 2022/ Isoforce Games has announced that Mouse Haunt’s fast-paced and competitive “Dodgeball Arenal” is out, and you can start playing now. This game mode is designed to be competitive while showcasing the team-dynamics essence of Castle Heist. In this mode, a mouse receives new tools to aid the team, throw enemies out of the tower or shoot a flaming ball to kill them instantly; upon death, you come back as a dangerous and unstoppable ghost. “Dodgeball Arena” is perfect for competitions because of its rapid speed, ease of use, and replayability. This mode is available so players can taste Castle Heist’s game mechanics.

In Mouse Haunt Castle Heist mode, players form groups and engage in team-based PvP. The Mouse Heroes are attempting to retrieve the Ancient Fragrant Cheese, while the Ghost Team group is out to eliminate the former. When navigating the Castle’s ghostly corridors, the Mouse Heroes must fire, sprint, and utilize their unique skills to survive. Likewise, the Ghost Team uses its ethereal talents to possess items, set off traps, and eliminate the annoying rodents; that’s when the twist happens, when a mouse hero dies, he switches sides and becomes a ghost, swinging the odds of battle.

The New "Dodgeball" Mode From Mouse Haunt Brings Together Classic Gamers And Blockchain Enthusiasts

Mouse Haunt’s mission is to develop innovative games that provide users access to cutting-edge mechanics. They combine the worlds of conventional gaming and cutting-edge blockchain technology, forming a single universe. Gamers can play and have a great time without interacting with any blockchain systems, or they can play, have a great time, own their assets as NFTs, and make actual cash. Unreal Engine 5 creates Mouse Haunt, and the BNB Chain (BEP20) is used for added security.

Furthermore, as an investor, if you’re not interested in real-time PVP, you can earn MHT tokens by farming. Lock n load, an idle game mode that allows NFT owners to immediately begin farming with just 5 minutes of work every day and a few simple clicks. In upcoming upgrades, MouseHaunt will provide Renting options for institutional investors that want to rent out a sizable number of assets.

The game’s initial real-time PVP “Dodgeball Arena” is already available for early access to anybody who registers on the website, and if you think this is the best time to start, the answer is YES!

The New "Dodgeball" Mode From Mouse Haunt Brings Together Classic Gamers And Blockchain Enthusiasts

On October 24th, Mouse Haunt will offer limited-edition bundles with both the Mouse and Ghost NFTs, with friendly prices for all sizes of pockets and with a considerable discount compared to their last sale, a dutch auction that sold 3 unique Legendary NFTs for nearly $500 each. Each new bundle includes bonus items such as trait re-roll dices, Play-to-Earn Early access, and Rank up potions. Players can pre-buy these unique NFTs to get rapid access to previously unseen items and to farm tokens on Lock n’ load.

About Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt came into existence in 2018 due to the effort made by six devoted game creators. It was completed as a capstone project for a course in game design that was taken in Canada. The six students, who came from various countries, worked together to create something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. The multiplayer experience known as Mouse Haunt is presented in a three-dimensional, isometric format. There are two teams: the Ghost Team, whose objective is to eliminate all of the Mouse Heroes, and the Mouse Heroes team, which aims to attain the Fragrant Cheese of Yore.

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