The Monopoly Of Binance Smart Chain Projects And Luto Cash

The Monopoly Of Binance Smart Chain Projects And Luto Cash

While the world ponders over legalizing cryptocurrencies, the biggest obstacle remains security. Time after time, crypto investors are faced with fraudulent products that result in significant monetary losses. There have been several incidents where a project vanished overnight, leaving the investors and community members in shambles. 

From the rug pull of $LittlDogeNFT that stole 1361+ BNB and the fraudulent project of $CARIBMARS that stole 1257+ BNB, there have been several cases. Some of the most concerning scams that the crypto space experienced are, 

  • Onecoin – Onecoin is considered one of the biggest scams as a Ponzi scheme which made off with around $25 Billion from the investors in 2017.
  • Bitconnect – Bitconnect is considered a multi-level marketing-led Ponzi scheme that lured investors out of $4 billion. 
  • Quadriga – Quadriga is famous as the project whose founder infamously faked his own death after stealing C$ 250 million from the exchange’s users. 

Apart from these, projects such as DragonSlayerNFT, MiniBNB, and Zooshi closed the project after the early investment period or had issues in the architecture that led to significant losses of the members. 

In this perilous time, the hesitation to make cryptocurrencies legal is understandable. Luckily projects built on Binance Smart Chain, such as Luto Cash are setting new standards for security and transparency. 

Binance started as a cryptocurrency exchange that launched a blockchain network Binance Smart Chain in 2020. It is a smart-contract-enabled blockchain that has established new standards of security by empowering non-custodial projects. One of the most exciting projects to be developed on BSC is Luto Cash. 


Luto Cash – Token for the Gambling World

Luto Cash has established itself as a trustworthy decentralized digital asset platform built for Gambling, Lotto, and Casino Startups. It is an innovative and decentralized solution that enhances the experience of participants by combining transparency, fairness, and entertainment. 

Luto Cash is an interactive mobile platform that integrates next-gen IT solutions with blockchain technology for the online gaming and gambling market. The platform is designed to provide players and gamblers a better winning chance than other platforms. The project is powered by a $LUTO token, a Binance Smart Chain token designed to help players earn more rewards.

The $LUTO token also offers liquidity to onboarded users and will be listed on CoinsBIT on 21st October 2021. Luto Cash is powered by several features such as Mobile Platform, Cheap Transactions, Exclusive Rewards, Trustless Storage, and No Chargebacks. 

How does Luto Cash ensure Security?

Luto Cash is deemed as the token of the future for the casino and lotto world built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a one-stop gambling token that facilitates all types of gambling transparently and fairly. Loto Cash offers diversified applications, which are backed by features such as fast transactions, easy-to-use, and developer-friendly interface, and fast transactions.

Moreover, Luto Cash is operated under a DAO and follows the rules of conventional gaming platforms with the most advanced technologies. Luto has taken several measures to ensure the safety and security of all the users apart from building on Binance Chain, such as hosting ICO campaigns with no developers or hidden wallets, ensuring legal compliance, and locked tokens & liquidity. Also, Luto Token smart contracts are pre-audited and offer live exchange rates. 

Luto Cash is setting an excellent example considering the troublesome cases of thefts and rug pulls in crypto projects. The project ensures a safe, transparent, secure, and enjoyable experience for all the users. To learn more about Luto Cash, visit