The Girles Token Project Achieved A Successful Pre-Sale Of Over $1.2 Million

The Girles Token Project Achieved A Successful Pre-Sale Of Over $1.2 Million

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the Girles Metaverse project is making headlines already. The recently launched NFT-based P2E platform has raised over $1.2 Million in the equally new public presale of its token (the Girles Token).

While plans are underway to provide 15 investment options, the Girles Token remains the main product. The NFT GameFi token is not only a mix of Staking Contracts, NFT Metaverse, and P2E Alliance, but it’s also offering an investment opportunity like no other—early birds will enjoy an ROI of up to 200%, partially explaining the massive uptake.

Not Your Ordinary NFT

Like the Girles Token, the NFT metaverse is vital to the Girles Metaverse. However, it’s not the standard pictures the NFT community is accustomed to. The Girles NFT can be an author’s work, land plots, or game items.

Interestingly, users can stake NFTs and receive Girles tokens. They can also swap tokens for NFTs if need be. Beyond staking, the platform supports NFT burning to earn bonuses. Further, the Girles community is free to mint, hold or trade NFTs across the platform. 

Girlie Metaverse Growth Potential

Meanwhile, project scalability is assured. Developers are creating the P2E server in Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world. Further, the platform features quests empowering players to earn real money. Coupled with the ongoing refining of NFT Tokenomics, the Girles Metaverse is set on a path of excellence.


About the Girles Metaverse 

The Girles Metaverse, or Girles in short, is a decentralized P2E platform developed on the Ethereum chain. Leveraging the power of NFTs, the project also serves as an NFT market where users can buy and sell their artwork. 

Besides, investors can hold, burn, or swap their NFTs with Girles Token, the firm’s heartbeat. On top of that, the Girles’ legality is unquestionable since the fully doxxed team passed KYC and shared respective links on their LinkedIn profiles. 


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