Algory Releases First Real-Time Cryptocurrency Scanner


Katowice, Poland – Cryptoscanner is now available on the market. The Polish startup has launched a comprehensive, filtering in a fraction of a second massive amount of data tool that operates in real time.

Cryptoscanner – a tool you need for trading

Cryptoscanner scans 30 markets in real time, searching for information on 1215 cryptocurrencies input to the tool’s database. Cryptocurrencies are listed on the 18 most popular exchanges.  In just milliseconds the trader gains access to information about events on the markets or cryptocurrencies of his interest. Thanks to this, he can use them immediately for his investment strategy. It saves time and resources that would have to be spent when manually scanning hundreds of pages to find the information and data that the scanner gives the trader straight away.

“The scanner was created with the crypto traders in mind so that they do not waste time on manual analysis and browsing events on the market. With Cryptoscanner, within milliseconds they will receive information that interests them as part of their trading strategy” – says Tomasz Przybycień, a co-founder of Algory and a professional trader. The launch of Cryptoscanner placed Katowice-based startup as one of the leading players on the cryptocurrency market. The company is the first that managed to introduce a comprehensive cryptocurrency market scanner operating in real time.

Find tailored-to-your-needs information


The scanner contains pre-defined workspace windows that have been developed by advanced traders. This is a great option for busy investors who do not have time to set individual search preferences, as well as for less experienced traders. There is also a function of the configuration of the scanner windows. The trader has the ability to adjust the window, selecting any stock exchange and market to be scanned, as well as adding filters and alerts available in the database. He can add symbols for specific cryptocurrencies if he is interested in the news only on some of them.

One of the Algory’s tools available for free

Cryptoscanner is one of two tools developed so far by Algory startup. The second is the aggregator of news. Both are available for free during the trial period. All you have to do is sign up, create an account for Premium 1, log in and you can use the full functionality of both tools.

After the test phase, the payments for using the Cryptoscanner and news aggregator will be accepted through ALG tokens that Algory issued in 2018. Tokens will be available on one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies exchanges in Europe. The company will inform about the start of quotations in due time.

About Algory

Algory is a startup based in Katowice in Poland. It offers tools for active crypto traders, starting with flagship products including an advanced cryptocurrency scanner called Cryptoscanner and a crypto news aggregator, which was designed for the most active traders.

Check out for free Cryptoscanner and Cryptocurrency News Aggregator: