The Crypto Market is Skyrocketing, EOS and XRP attains staggering increase in daily gains


It is evident that the cryptocurrency market is making a rebound, this rebound is not only effective on the value the markets trading volume, it is also pulling up the lowest grossing tokens and placing them all in a promising light.


One very interesting development that has emerged with this new upsurge in the market is the rising of top tokens that have become great pioneers of what may turn out to be the next bull run, the effects of which will go one to build the needed structure for the 2019 cryptocurrency market to be fully mounted upon. EOS and Ripple XRP have declared full participation in these bullish trends as they emerge two of the highest grossing tokens in the past 24hrs.

EOS to the moon

It is obviously a season of overtaking for EOS. When one considers the giant spike in trading volume and market cap, the newly achieved milestones are not showing themselves to be a temporary one. In the past one week, EOS was managing to stay afloat with its trading price dangling around the $1.95 mark.

However, in an unexpected turn out of events, EOS garnered enough stability and skyrocketed above Litecoin, Tether and most recently Stellar, to become the 4th largest cryptocurrency. With traders anticipating Ether as its next victim, EOS has dramatically attained a new trading volume of $1.24 billion, one that it had been struggling to reach since November. Following that, market cap has surged from $2.1 billion to $2.17 billion, and with an increase of 21%, 1 EOS now equals $2.39 as of this writing.


The unstoppable XRP

The XRP may still be trading below $1, its gains of 12.78% did not only move trading volume from $639.3 million to $819.67 million, but market cap which totaled at $11.7 billion in the last two days has also now reached $1.33 billion. With the current direction of XRP, its trading price of $0.327066 exhibits possibilities of an impressive breakout in coming weeks.

For most traders, victimizing the Ether was enough to seal the deal. And surprisingly, the XRP token has managed to retain its second position so cautiously that traders are analyzing the token’s ability to overthrow BTC in 2019.

The successes of the Ripple network have not ceased to birth new evangelists, one of which is Cbnc’s Ran NeuNer, who had earlier revealed that he invested more fiat into Bitcoin and his wife was unimpressed that these investments were not geared towards XRP. He can be quoted saying; “All she could ask is why I didn’t buy XRP”.