The CFX Quantum Active Marketing Plan is Focused on Millenials

The CFX Quantum Active Marketing Plan is Focused on Millenials

CFX Quantum’s marketing strategy is mainly focused on Millennials, young adults who are receptive of innovation, and skeptical about the legacy financial system. Most of them were old enough to remember the impact that the 2008 financial crash had on their parents and families. Another benefit of targeting Millenials is that their total asset value will have grown to over $20 Trillion by 2030, as stated by

The Benefits of Picking Millenials

According to Investopedia, Millenials are people between 18 and 34 years, and most of them are just entering the stage of strong asset growth and the creation of massive liquidity. Around 54% of millennials have begun starting or planning to open their own business. Some have already gotten past the startup phase and began seeing cash flow that can be invested. Many of them will also benefit from the inheritance they will get from the Baby Boomers.

Around 57% of millennials would change their banking services provider if there was a better technological option since they are quite fond of mobile technology.

Millennials love their independence and the freedom to make choices with fewer bureaucratic constraints. However, only a minority of millennials feel confident about their knowledge of the financial system. The result is that millennials are low-risk investors with a good grasp of technology. 

The CFX platform offers an easy to use, technologically advanced ecosystem that helps to reduce risk.


The Marketing Activities

CFX Quantum directs most of its marketing activities via the adoption of its wallet exchange and through social media platforms.

  • – Social and Referral Promotion

CFX will engage the services of a leading marketing agency, specialized in social media management, established in Europe. They wll rely on social media platforms, landing pages, interactive videos, group activities, social events, group activities, and prize giveaways. They also have great experience in cooperating with leading social media influencers.

  • – CFX Wallet-exchange

The main effort will be to incentivize users to download the free CFX Wallet-exchange for Android and iOS devices. The user with a few clicks will discover features and ZEROONE product. CFX will communicate with them through the App and give learning and demonstrations about the benefits they stand to gain. Moreover, they will get the news regarding the CFXQ tokens and the Burning phases. All this process will incentivize them to being active users.

  • – Becoming Ambassador

Once activated, a user can also become Ambassador. As a regular user, he or she can only use the wallet exchange as a customer.

If a user decides to register as Ambassador, he or she will be able to refer their friends and family via social media. ATS Sharing manages all activities of the Ambassador Organization, an independent company with over two decades of experience. In their long history, they have managed to achieve over 5 million customer activations.

Features of the Wallet Exchange

With the latest technology, a user will have Pin and fingerprint access, the private keys of Wallet will never be stored in the App for safety. A stolen or hacked phone will not cause losses.

A registered user will be able to deposit their initial funds in fiat via credit or debit card, or in crypto. They will also gain direct access to the exchange after they go through a simple KYC process. Ambassadors will be incentivized to refer others to the wallets once they have tried out the wallet-exchange themselves.

The Referral Marketing

Studies of Nielsen and Reevo showed that over 80% of consumers in all generations view referrals as the most trustworthy form of advertising. It was revealed that over 70% of consumers are more likely to believe feedback from other customers than from that of professionals. People will buy four times more often when the referral comes from a friend. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, once noted that “A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising”.

ATS Sharing – A Trusted Referral Marketing Partner

ATS Sharing is the main partner in CFX Quantum’s referral marketing strategy. The founders are people believing in “never give up”. Virgilio Degiovanni, the founder of ATS Sharing, has always been committed to doing the best he can to motivate those around him to achieve their potential, and the actual results have been impressive.


Through its market efforts, the CFX Wallet has already achieved pre-booking from over 50,000 users. ATS Sharing, the main partner of CFX Quantum, wants to reach the first million in 3 years through Word of Mouth marketing. The company is currently focusing its efforts on Europe. However, once the CFX tokens are listed, it will expand to the rest of the world.

If you want to be a part of CFX Quantum’s upcoming IEO, and get behind Social Trading, you can learn more by going online to, visit our token sale landing page, or join the community for more details: