Tezro Introduces USTC To TezroST Swaps, Offering New Possibilities To Users

Tezro’s Growing Ecosystem Enjoys Numerous Functionalities, Crypto Storage And Trading

Tezro, an all-in-one multi-cryptocurrency wallet and messaging app, announced the release of a new feature that allows USTC token holders to exchange their assets for TezroST, Tezro’s official shopping token.

According to Tezro, holders can now exchange their assets at a fixed rate of $1 per USTC token. The new feature, which is currently live, can be accessed by downloading the Tezro app available on desktop, iOS and Android. 

After swapping their assets, holders can use their TezroST tokens to buy goods and services online using the Tezro Swift API. Tezro Swift API is a marketplace that helps merchants fight fraud and unreasonable chargebacks using a new system of escrow and quality goods approval system. This development reportedly opens USTC holders to the Tezro ecosystem allowing them access to different features and benefits. 

Notably, the new swap feature comes with numerous benefits, including bonuses and the opportunity to purchase limited NFT Tezro T-shirts. Users also get the chance to win  $100,000 for their activities. 

In addition, the new feature provides USTC holders access to the crypto space following the recent Terra situation that forced many exchanges to delist the asset. Since then, many USTC holders have been stranded without avenues to use their assets. However, this recent release makes it possible for these holders to safely and beneficially exchange their tokens.


As a disruptive payment solution, Tezro allows users to instantly send and receive messages and payments and exchange money in fiat and cryptocurrencies directly through their chat. Tezro has been operating since its launch in Q2 of 2022 as a retail payment solution with messaging functionality for the cryptocurrency community. Tezro has multi-functionality features allowing it to serve as a haven for significant assets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, and stablecoins such as CHNT, USDT and EURT. The introduction of the USTC to TezroSt swap feature attests to Tezros dedication to its community.