Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon Maintains He’s Not Hiding Following Interpol Red Notice

LUNA Meltdown Doomed To Get Worse After Shocking Departure Of Terraform Labs Legal Team

Do Kwon, co-founder of the Terra blockchain, has stated that contrary to what recent reports suggest, he is not on the run or hiding from law enforcement.  

The South Korean national who has been declared wanted by the government told his over one million Twitter followers that his daily routine has not changed in any way. He claims he is making zero effort to hide as he still goes out for walks, visits the mall, and may have even been spotted by crypto community members recently.

“Yeah, as I said I’m making zero effort to hide. I go on walks and malls, no way none of CT hasn’t run into me the past couple weeks,” he wrote in the tweet. 

He also remarked on the report that an Interpol Red Notice had been issued for his location and arrest. He pointed out that the said red notice could not be found by querying the Interpol website. However, the website clarifies that most red notices are restricted to law enforcement use only.

After Bloomberg published the report of South Korea requesting Interpol to issue a red notice for his arrest, this marks the second time Kwon has assured the crypto community that he is not a fugitive.

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Reuters previously reported that following prosecutors in South Korea issuing a warrant for his arrest, police in Singapore, where he was believed to be a resident stated that he was no longer in the city-state. Following the report, Kwon wrote on Twitter that he was not on the run.

He added that he has continued cooperating with law enforcement in various jurisdictions that have shown interest in communicating with him. And that he chooses not to make his location public for privacy reasons. His Twitter profile, notably, bears that he is in Singapore.  

South Korea’s investigation of the Terra collapse so far

Following months of investigation, South Korean prosecutors are now building a solid case against Kwon, and other employees of his company Terraform Labs (TFL), which was behind the collapsed TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin and its sister token LUNA, which wiped out over $60 billion of investors’ funds in May. 

South Korea has been leaving no stone unturned as it reinstated a formerly disbanded investigative unit, the Grim Reapers of Yeoui-do, to handle the case. The team, which earned its reputation for being prolific, has since raided several exchange offices, as well as the homes and offices of their executives, to gather evidence against TFL and Kwon.