Terra Classic Community Votes on Key Proposal: Will it Change LUNC Trajectory amid BTCS Hype?

Terra Classic Community Votes on Key Proposal: Will it Change LUNC Price Trajectory amid BTCS Hype?

The Terra Classic Task Force (L1TF) prepares for a significant core upgrade, version 2.2.1. It’s scheduled for a significant decision-making process through a community vote on a key proposal. Meanwhile, the USTC Quant team has approached a centralized exchange to share the Buy Back Report as part of their efforts to reestablish the USTC peg. LUNC, the native token of Terra Classic, has recently experienced a substantial increase in trading activity due to important community proposals being approved. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) has heightened excitement and speculation.

Will Luna Classic Recover?

LUNC has ambitious aspirations to reclaim a prominent position in the cryptocurrency sphere by aiming for a price of $1 per token. However, the feasibility of LUNC reaching this milestone hinges on a formidable challenge: significantly reducing its current token supply. This task is no small feat as LUNC would need to experience a remarkable surge of 8000 times its current value, a goal that may seem unrealistic given its current trading price of $0.000061. The community is pinning its hopes on a new burn tax mechanism as a means to reduce the token supply gradually.

LUNC Price Prediction

LUNC is showing positive momentum in anticipation of the upcoming core upgrade by the L1TF developer team, as noted by LUNC price outlook. LUNC is trading at $0.000061 and has been relatively stable over the last 24 hours. With a proposed burn tax, LUNC may still encounter difficulties gaining widespread adoption, particularly when compared to other blockchains offering similar functionality without the burden of transaction taxes. LUNC price remains uncertain as the competitive crypto space introduces technologically advanced blockchains such as BTCS.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Established blockchains still grapple with speed, scalability, and transaction fee challenges. Bitcoin Spark introduces a unique consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Process (PoP), to address varying aspects of blockchain ecosystems. BTCS deploys innovative approaches to mining, transaction processing, and rewards. The BTCS platform will reward network participants for providing processing power and computational resources. Bitcoin Spark actively develops user-friendly mining software compatible with various operating systems to make mining accessible to a wider audience while ensuring secure and energy-efficient operations. Bitcoin Spark has a running hyped-up ICO in phase five at an affordable $2.50 with a 9% bonus for early adoption. Phase five holders expect a 436% gain on a successful launch at $10. A smart contract audit and KYC ensures a stable, secure, transparent, and reliable infrastructure.

Bitcoin Spark brings fairness and equality through a unique reward system that encourages both the size of stakes and network processing power. This system also enhances decentralization and security. Furthermore, Bitcoin Spark emphasizes scalability, providing faster transactions and lower fees, making it an attractive choice for digital transactions.


The Bitcoin Spark app is a user-friendly platform that lets people join the BTCS network and engage in cryptocurrency-related activities. It serves as a gateway to access all the features of the Bitcoin Spark ecosystem and acts as a secure wallet. The app is available on Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS, ensuring widespread usability and availability. Bitcoin Spark provides an application available on various operating systems, allowing users to lend the processing power of their devices to the network for tasks like hexadecimal hash decoding. Miners can subscribe to the Bitcoin Spark product and allocate a specific percentage of their device resources for mining activities. This flexibility lets users balance mining income with their device’s other uses.

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