Telept Launches Telept City, A Revolutionary NFT Platform With Cutting Edge AI Generated Content (AIGC)

Telept Launches Telept City, A Revolutionary NFT Platform With Cutting Edge AI Generated Content (AIGC)

Telept Inc, a Web 3.0 startup, is elated to announce the launch of a groundbreaking Web PC platform Telept City created to empower participants to create a one-of-a-kind AI-generated NFT called X-Native.

The platform is aimed at allowing users to create NFTs with minimal effort and costs. Telept City is designed to provide users with a novel and accessible AI Web 3.0 experience featuring an intuitive user interface and cutting-edge AI-generated Content (AIGC) image generation model.

The Telept City platform leverages AI to automate the NFT creation process. Telept City can generate an NFT through AI, similar to playing a text adventure game. The platform has multiple-choice options presented in a way that is easy and engaging to navigate. Notably, the goal of Telept City is to democratize the process of making NFTs to empower individuals to express themselves using AI technology. 

Users log into the platform using their Metamask wallet and are greeted with an interface reminiscent of a trivia game. Note that the questions asked are designed to tap into a user’s thoughts, especially their self-image. The AI then interprets the answer and generates a user-defined image. All this is intended to make it easy for users to create their desired NFT. Once the NFT has been developed, a user can encrypt it as an NFT of the X-Native Collection. 

The X-Native Collection is a set of NFTs produced by Telept’s AI for users of Telept City. Notably, the concept of X-Native is based on benchmarking the vision of Ethereum Name Service. The X-Native concept allows users to own an NFT and assets worth in ETH. Users can also take advantage of its social significance and exclusive privileges outlined in the X-Native roadmap. The roadmap is set to be released on March 23 and contains X-Native Mystery boxes with exclusive IP on Ethereum and AI NFTs.


Commenting on the platform, the CEO of Telept, Lika Lee, stated:

“Decentralizing NFT production is the trend. With the growing adoption of NFTs, we are committed to making it easier for everyone to create them, whether the user is experienced with Web 3.0 or just getting started. We will take the first step of using AI and NFT technology to shape a new way of forming identity and personality representation while also providing an unprecedented way for people to experience industry changes.”

Lee believes that the value of NFTs will go beyond just their financial worth in the coming days, especially with the integration of AI technologies. Lee further explains that Telept hopes to see more NFT application scenarios once the labor required to create them is reduced.

Telept is an all-in-one SocialFi Mobile DApp that houses several products empowered with groundbreaking technologies. Telept aims to build and launch Web3 projects that are easy for its ecosystem.