Take A Note of Details About the GameJet Token Bounty Program for Crypto Community!

Take A Note of Details About the GameJet Token Bounty Program for Crypto Community!

The concept of a bounty program emerged straight from the online gaming industry, where a bounty symbolizes a reward that is eventually paid out to a client or group for completing certain objectives. In the ICO space, the blockchain start-ups uses bounty programs to achieve a wide range of tasks and user base at the cost of the token developed to support the project protocols.

Moreover, the bounty is also represented as tokens of appreciation to help out the blockchain project progress. This program cut down on costs for beginner by simultaneously embracing members of the blockchain community. 

To talk briefly, such start-ups come to a halt paying less for bounty-incentivized piece of work like social media posts, bug fixes, and marketing materials. On the other side, client or users-called bounty hunters attain satisfaction to help back up the blockchain start-up and earn equity in return. Currently, everyone sees bounty programs as their essential tools to build a loyal support base and outreach supreme potential investors.

Our project GameJet excels in every service we choose for our clients, community engagement, and idea enhancement that is supported by influencers, investors, and enthusiasts. GameJet Network have expertise specifically in exploring growing communities and social validation to kickstart the crowdfunding success.

GameJet- the creator of the exclusive gaming platform has set an ideal impression to revolutionise interactions between investors, traders and small businesses. Our team recently announced the launch of GameJet bounty program mainly to reward our supporters with JET tokens. The end date for this bounty event is yet to be disclosed.


We are effortlessly promoting the launch of our initial feature-full blockchain-based gaming and decentralized finance platform- GameJet Network. The member working on this project is also focusing on huge community development program including various different activities and reward pools.

A total of 1 billion JET tokens, a fixed ratio is allocated ahead of JET launch for the community that are helping us raise awareness across social platforms like Telegram, Reddit, Medium, YouTube and Twitter, along with effective translation services.

With a total of 7 different bounty programs, the interested participants are recommended to meet certain benchmarks for produced content and posts that will be rewarded. We value and welcome everyone into our community as our bounty program is open to everyone. Details of the very crucial tasks can be found below:

GameJet Bounty Programmes

1. YouTube Bounty

Check out the requirements for video sharing and YouTube videos:

  • The channel of the user must be public and at least 1 month old.
  • The videos should be more than 2 minutes long.
  • Video description needs to include a link to https://gamejet.network/.
  • The videos that lack a human voice-over will only achieve half the bounty listed.
  • All videos need to be original and unique content. 
  • Any videos that are copied from any other YouTuber will be dismissed.
  • Using English as initial language for video creations is must.

2. Twitter Bounty

The user needs to tweet an original post on Twitter containing majority of the following hashtags: #GameJettokens #GameJetNetwork #Gamingtoken #GameJetbounty. You can also use any tags of your choice that are related to our project in trend.

1. Follow @gamejetpro on Twitter.

2. Tweet unique, relevant, and original content from or about the official @gamejetpro.


  • You need to follow @gamejetpro. 
  • The user account must be at least 3 months old. 
  • Try to include the above-mentioned tags in your tweets. 
  • Your every tweet related to @gamejetpro must be public.
  • The participants are eligible for our Twitter bounty with utmost 10 tweets per week.
  • 2 tweets per day is the maximum amount for qualification. 
  • Do not spam your Tweets.
  • Tweets needs to be posted in English
  • Do not copy/paste other twitter posts.

3. Reddit Bounty

Read out the basic rules for posting or commenting about GameJet project:

  • The user account needs to have at least 10 karma points.
  • You must post positive comments about the activities of project. 
  • 5 Posts and comments on u/gamejetprotocol on the same user account.
  • The participant should post the comments in relevant subreddits for the bounty like r/bitcoin, r/altcoin, r/cryptocurrency, etc.

4. Telegram Bounty

Go through the rules to post or comment about GameJet Network:

  • Follow GameJet on Telegram.
  • We are in search of active telegram users to help spread the word about our activity, milestones, etc.
  • The participants should post 3 quality posts a week with active engagements.  
  • Each post should contain info about the relevant events, details, tokenomics, and other announcements on the GameJet project. 
  • Posts should be posted in English only.

5. Facebook Bounty

Follow the guidelines and post about GameJet to earn tokens via Facebook bounty program:

  • Like and follow @gamejetpro and Facebook page as well.
  • The participants’ post, friends/followers must be public.
  • An account only qualifies once, despite how many posts you make.
  • The utmost number of posts to qualify is 10 posts per week and 2 posts per day.
  • Do not spam the posts. 
  • While sharing or posting the content about GameJet try to include a description with the post. 
  • Every content posted should be in English.

6. Medium Bounty

  • Follow our official Medium at https://gamejet.medium.com/ and applaud to our posts.
  • The participant can create a story on the profile regarding GameJet project.
  • Your Medium account must be original, no fake or dead accounts is acceptable.
  • The user account should have at least 5 active and regular followers. 
  • Participant account needs to be Public Profile.
  • Every post must be in English.

7. Blogging Bounty

We welcome you to blog about GameJet Network and tokens. The participant can freely publish the blog anywhere on the digital space that is publicly accessible. 


  • The content should be minimum 600-1000 characters or more without spaces.
  • The blog should have at least 2 links to https://gamejet.network/.
  • Content must be unique, quality-based, and creative on the project.
  • Plagiarism is banned. 
  • Blog posts should be in English.

The bounty is set to continue until the last date to close the Token Sale is not out. GameJet will award participants right after the closure date is disclosed, ensuring that participants those have accomplished their tasks in the Token Sale can directly enjoy profits by getting involved in real time.

We truly believe that announcing the bounty program for GameJet JET Tokens will drive in some of our most loyal supporters in the GameJet crypto community. We are grateful to the clients that acquired this chance to help us spread the word about GameJet Token Sale.

All About the Types of Bounty Program

We all are aware about the term “Bounty program” and its two main types that are highly used by the start-ups and emerging businesses.

1) Pre-ICO Bounties

This type of bounty is specifically marketing focused with a goal to generate social media and online wide support for the ICO before it gets launched. The user base is meant to spread awareness and positivity about the token and platform as a whole. Here are some examples of bounties:

  • YouTube video creation and editing;
  • Content creation like website article, blog post, and newsletter generation;
  • White paper translation;
  • Bitcoin talk signatures;
  • Infographic creation;
  • Social media awareness via Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

2) Post-ICO Bounties

This type of bounty emphasizes on improving the project and serviced deployed on blockchain. They permit the development team for improvising the base platform gathering direct feedback from investors, clients, and outside developers. Some basic examples are:

  • Platform bug fixes;
  • Web translation;
  • Product improvements and suggestions;
  • Community management.

Keen blockchain start-ups needs to implement at least one of the above-mentioned bounty programs. The pre-ICO bounty events seem a great way to wide spread awareness about the project/platform while saving money. This will not only improve the reputation but also allow the team to devote promising capital to software development, designing, and implementation.

Check out the list of popular bounty sorted from largest to smallest average pay-out:

  • Bug fixes;
  • YouTube video creation bounties;
  • Marketing material creation involving promotional pieces, articles, content creation, etc.
  • Airdrops and Giveaway;
  • Social media bounty program like Twitter- posts, re-tweets, likes; Facebook- posts, likes, shares; Instagram- posts, etc.

Registration and Referral Campaign on GameJet Network

Welcome to the GameJet Registration and Referral Program where every new user earns a bonus by simply registering and inviting your friends to GameJet. We have officially launched JET tokens in order to widespread its adoption and usage to buy real-time entities. This project is basically a decentralized Finance initiative. 

The registration has begun to be implemented on 03 July 2021, and will initially be distributed worth 50 tokens as a registration and 50 tokens as each referral reward system for customers. We welcome the users who are willing to join our referral program and share the referral code. 

We will soon announce and introduce many more Defi utilities products developed on the GameJet ecosystem! Check out the procedure for getting registered with GameJet Network:

1. Create Account

To get started, you need to sign up with a free account. Every GameJet users, irrespective of the plans chosen are eligible to earn rewards, free tokens, and bonus offers.

2. Share Referral Link

You need to copy the unique referral link appearing in your account and quickly share with your friends, acquaintance, social media followers, etc. 

3. Grab Reward

By applying the referral code, you can get rewards with 50 JET tokens for registration and 50 JET tokens for referral program for every new user. This Referral Program on GameJet will provide you and your friends an occasion to earn rewards. The rewards will be distributed and paid out in JET Token that will occur in your GameJet account section. You will get 50 JET Tokens for every new user registration as well as 50 JET tokens via your personal referral link.


  • The referred user should sign up after clicking your referral link. 
  • To receive 100 JET Token, the referred user needs to complete the registration, connect at least one exchange at GameJet Terminal and start off trades with a basic trading volume. 
  • All GameJet users, together with free accounts are eligible to earn rewards, only rule is that the users need to complete the KYC procedure and get verified. 
  • Do not create duplicate or fake accounts, we do not pay out referral bonuses on these accounts. 
  • Duplicate or shared financials will be disqualified. 
  • Any referred user that fails to finish the requirements in order to earn rewards, neither party will get any bonus. 
  • In addition, GameJet owns the right to modify the terms of the referral program at any time due to risk of fraud, fluctuating market conditions, or crucial reasons. 

What you are waiting for? Right away join and share your referral now! Stay tuned for more information on all official GameJet channels:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/gamejetpro/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/gamejetpro

Medium- https://gamejet.medium.com/

Reddit- https://www.reddit.com/user/gamejetprotocol

Telegram- https://t.me/GamejetPro 

Official Website- https://gamejet.network/